How To Rethread Evenflo Car Seat Straps?

Whether you are installing a new convertible car seat or setting it up again after a wash, you will need to have proper information about how the seat will set up perfectly for your baby.

Rethreading an Evenflo car seat straps is a task that many parents fail to perform. Most of the time, when you take off the straps from the car seat, you forget to take pictures. Taking pictures helps you rethread the car seat again without any hassle.

Rethreading the straps of the 5-point harness should be done accurately, especially when you are using Evenflo. According to many customers, the straps may get loose after washing if they are not tightened up correctly.

Not only that, if you are planning to drive with your baby in a car seat that has loose straps, it can be injurious and damage-inducing for the baby. Car seats are meant to make your baby safer. However, if the rethreading of the straps is not done, the consequences can be drastic.

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Why Rethreading Is Important

There are actually two basic types of harnesses. One is no-rethread and the other is rethread. Both have their own importance and advantages. The no-rethread harness is only one-point, which means only one strap will be attached to the car seat. This strap will come from over the head and get buckled up between the legs of your baby.

The rethread harness has multiple straps attached to it. you can rethread the straps to higher and lower levels to adjust the height according to your baby’s height. The rethread harness straps of the Evenflo car seat leave no added weight on the car seat leaving your baby more relaxed. You can easily adjust the straps through the visible cues and slots for tightening adjustments.

When your child outgrows the height level of his convertible car seat, he will get irritated due to the tightened straps. If the straps are too tight, it will create difficulty for him to breathe. Rethreading helps your child stay comfortable without compromising safety and emptying your pocket for a new car seat sooner.

How to Rethread Evenflo Car Seat Straps

In order to be sure of your toddler safety you can buy Chase Harnessed Booster Car Seat otherwise rethread your Evenflo car seat straps a shown in the manual. If you don’t have the instruction manual by your side, this is what you need to do.

  1. Place your baby on the seat, and check where he fits. Mark the slot that will fit his shoulders. The seat positioning plays an important role in rethreading the straps. If you place your child in a rear-faced position, the straps should come below his shoulders. However, if he sits in a front-faced position, the straps should come from above your child’s shoulders.
  2. Once you have got an idea about the perfect slot for your baby, remove him from the car seat and place the seat on the backside. Press the harness release button.
  3. Open the loop where the straps are attached and bring them out of the crotch slot in which they are currently fitted in.
  4. Rethread the straps on the upper slot and hook the straps again to the metal connector at the backside of the seat.
  5. Settle down the straps and place your baby again. Hook the straps on the body of your baby, and see if it fits perfectly.

Make sure that the straps are fully inserted in the metal connector and locked perfectly. This guide is only a generalized method of rethreading a car seat. If you have got the user manual of your car seat’s manufacturing company, check if there are any instructions on the rethreading

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