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How to Maintain Weight After Delivery

“Gaining weight” is the secret fear and the scariest nightmare of all women. This nightmare comes true when they give birth to a baby. And that is the last thing they ever thought of. It is often called the postpartum weight gain.

This is because women develop low thyroid function after delivery, and find it difficult to maintain and lose their weight because they are too busy with their little ones. Becoming overweight is not a sign of good health, and as you know along with obesity comes more life-threatening diseases. Therefore, this problem should not be left unsolved.

Worry not ladies, and don’t lose hope, losing weight is not that difficult, you just have to do a little effort and you will be just as smart and slim as you were before.

Here are some ways that can help you lose your postpartum weight in no time.

Work out

working out with baby

Do exercise. Do it regularly and don’t skip a day. You can start with simple aerobics like walking, jogging, running, cycling. They will really help you lose calories and extra baby fat.

Beyond losing weight, exercise also helps you with the heat problem, improves blood circulation, reduces the risk of diabetes and gives you stamina. Builds your muscular strength and tone and also helps you with reducing stress, depression and postpartum depression.

The ones who deliver normal can start exercising just the next day they gave birth, but it is difficult for the ones who had a C-section. If you had a cesarean delivery, you can start with something gentle like pelvic floor exercise or Pilates.

Don’t Skip Your Meals

eating meal while breast feeding

If you think that not eating or eating less will make you lose your weight, then you are wrong. And it can even do it opposite sometimes. You are in a condition when you need more nutrition and essential minerals because your baby’s diet is also depending upon you. so, eat more and nutrition-rich meals.

If you fear that you will get more calories, then don’t care, some of your calories will be wasted when you breastfeeding your baby and others will be burnt if you will carry on with your exercise.

Breastfeed if You Can

breast feeding

Breastfeeding mothers are less likely to gain more weight than those who feed their babies on formula milk. The reason is it takes 500 calories a day to make milk. And a baby drinks a lot of milk. So the calories that mothers eat every day are consumed in making milk plus the calories and fats that are already present in their bodies are also used in making mild. Hence the breastfeeding mothers lose their
weight more and much faster than the formula-feeding mothers.

But it doesn’t mean that you should start consuming more calories every day by thinking that they will burn automatically.

Eat Food Rich with Fiber

fiber rich food

Another way to lose belly weight is to increase your intake of fibers. Eats meals that are rich in fiber. A recent study shows that the fiber reduces the belly weight by 37% over a five year time period. So eat more wholegrain cereals, fruits like berries, oranges, lemon, pears, vegetables, peas, beans, nuts and seeds and potatoes with skin.

Soluble fats work much faster but are not advised because they just slow the process of digestion and reduces the production of hunger and appetite hormones.

Avoid Sugar and Refined Carbs

refined carbs

Using too much sugar in your diet like soda, sweet drinks, and eating other sweet things rich in sugar may make you gain weight. The reason is that the sugar we eat is stored in our body in the form of fats and calories. Eating a small amount of sugar won’t make you fat but consuming lots of sugar every day may result in gaining lots of weight.

Similarly, refined carbs like those in pizza dough, kinds of pasta, pastries and other sweet deserts may also result in fat weight. So, eat a healthy meal and quit foods that contain sugar and other refined carbs.

Avoid Alcohol

drinking alcohol

Drinking makes you fat, and also alcohol is not safe for you and your baby. Therefore, pregnant women and feeding mothers are advised to quit alcohol.

When alcohol is consumed, our body broke it into acetate which is similar to vinegar. After that, the body prefers acetate to sugar and other fats that increase the level of calories which results in the gain of weight.

Drink Plenty of Water

drinking water

Water is beneficial for you in many ways. It is important for pregnant women because it also helps in the production of milk. Drinking water washes away all the harmful toxins and cleanse your body of the waste and boost up your metabolism. Drinking water helps you to stop retaining water and helps you drop those extra pounds of water waste. Water also acts as an appetite suppressant and helps you lose weight.

Take Plenty of Sleep

sleeping with newborn

Obesity and sleep deprivation have a direct relationship. if you don’t sleep well you are more likely to gain weight and once you have become obese, sleep is less likely to touch your eyes. It is usual for pregnant women and new moms to lose their sleep because of the baby, but they should try to control it and maintain their sleeping routine or else they will become fatter and once they have gained a lot of weight, it will become difficult to lose it again.


Gaining weight and becoming obese is something you should not take easy. Especially when you are a mother of a little soul. With obesity comes lots of diseases, like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, sleep deprivation, osteoarthritis, gallbladder diseases and all causes of death. So it is a matter you should take seriously.

Just follow those simple ways and bring small changes to your lifestyles because you have to live, not just for yourself but also for your baby.

So best of luck and lose as much weight as you can but don’t take the stress.

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