6 Of The Best Zero Gravity Chair Accessories

You are the owner of a Gravity chair and you are loving it! It is rocking your life and you can’t live without it now! While zero gravity chairs are gaining popularity and fame both in-home and garden manufacturers, they are creating useful accessories that can be compatible with Zero gravity chairs making everyone’s life a bit easier. Accessories are add-ons in theses chairs that are meant to improve user experience. You might have already tested how comfortable Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair is for your body and you have probably slept unexpectedly sound sleep in Caravan Sports Zero Gravity Chair!

I am a relaxing enthusiastic and always in search of handy accessories that can make my life a bit easier. Anyway, below is a list of 6 Top Zero Gravity chairs accessories that I found much handy. They would add up something unique to your recliner and you will be loving them too! So let’s explore those accessories.

Let’s Have A Look At The Top Six Of The Best Zero Gravity Chair Accessories

1. Attachable Side Tray For Zero Gravity Chairs

Attachable Side Tray For Zero Gravity Chairs

  • Convenient for frame chairs
  • Great outdoor companion
  • Value of money
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Made to last
  • Zero-effort snappy mount
  • Cup and tumbler slot
  • No locks
  • Cup holders are not ideal for putting in the cell phone

Quick Features

  1. It is fit for you if you are planning to relax for a long time.
  2. The cup holder in zero gravity chair features a special design that can even support the handle on your coffee mugs.
  3. If you are searching for an inexpensive way to organize your items while relaxing, This attachable side tray will probably go well with you. The tray can be attached to any patio chair that has an A-frame Feature. That is meant that it will fit all of the anti-gravity patio chairs and with the best gravity chairs as well.

Who will not like this beautiful smart attachable side tray? The first must-have accessory that other anti-gravity chairs already have but for those who don’t have a tray already attached with their chair, this removable side stary is very handy.

I bought this beautiful try from the internet and it came with a mug holder, phone holder and snack tray which makes it a perfect accessory for your zero gravity recliner. This cup holder and tray dimension are 6.2 x 2.6 x 14.8 inches and weight is around 14.4 ounces. What amazing dimensions! ahhh

It really fits with my Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair which I bought a year ago. Well, you just have simply attached the cup holder and phone holder to either side of your lounge or living room and you are ready to relax with your phone and drink right alongside you. Yahoo!

Moreover, it is a perfect option for your mug, cup or can. Another exciting feature of this beautiful side tray is a slot for your smartphone and one more plus point is that there is a bit of space on the tray for sunglasses, small snacks or other miscellaneous items. How amazing it is….. is not it?

2. Outdoor Side Table For Zero Gravity Chair

Outdoor Side Table For Zero Gravity Chair

  • Built-in cup holders
  • 2 Additional cup holders
  • Fade resistant
  • Steel tube frame
  • Easy to move and carry around
  • Extreme weather conditions can rust the steel tubes

Quick Features

  1. These side tables are tiny and much pretty which enhances the beauty of your chair. They come in different colors and you can choose a color which goes well with your chair’s color.
  2. This pretty table features 3 adjustable heights of 21″, 24″ and 26″ allowing you to position it optimally while relaxing in their Gravity chairs making it much easier to reach their phones and drinks, etc.
  3. This small table is easy to keep in the store as it will fold alongside your gravity chair recliner.
  4. It only weighs 10.5ibs. Any rest loving person can carry and transport it easily anywhere he likes. It is lightweight and I can carry it easily on the beach.
  5. It costs very low this table is a perfect addition for the couples to place in between the chairs. This tiny table gives more space than an attachable tableand can accommodate all relaxing items.

This beautiful, sturdy and durable table costs a very small amount and becoming a very popular outdoor accessory for gravity chairs. If you are looking for an accessory to accommodate all your outdoor items, don’t forget to buy this lit beauty.

3. Zero Gravity Chair Carry Bag

Zero Gravity Chair Carry Bag

  • Extra large
  • compatible enough to carry any type of chairs
  • High-quality material
  • The perfect protection for your chairs
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Easy to carry
  • May not be suitable to carry smaller chairs

Quick Features

  1. This Gravity Chair bag is indeed a perfect solution for you if you wish to take your gravity chair to the beach, lawn or on your yard to relax for a long time.
  2. This bag has a reinforced shoulder strap with a support handle which makes it easy to carry anywhere you want.
  3. This bag comes in an ideal size to fit any zero gravity chair and XL chair measuring 41″ (Length) x 28″ (Height) x 6.5″ (Width). This bag is large enough to fit 21 standard sizes anti-gravity chair or recliner.
  4. It comes with vinyl-coated polyester fabric with a zipper top. This carry bag features a strongly reinforced strap that makes it easy to carry.
  5. One more feature is an ergonomic support handle which was easy for me to carry on the shoulder.
  6. The bag has a vented design that stays chair ventilated and also stops mold and mildew to affect the chair. At a low price, this chair bag is just a bonus!

As I am lit bit lazy and careless, so while dashing out for fun and relaxing, I often get scratches, dust, and stains of water and grease on my accessories… this is my weakness which I can’t overcome. So, I was desperately in search of something that would cover my item. While searching on the internet, I found an amazing thing that wiped out my worry. That amazing thing was ‘an extra-large chair carry bag’ which, I found was much compatible with my Zero Gravity chair. I can’t wait to tell you the features of that bag, so stay with me and Enjoy!!!

4.  Zero Gravity Chair Water Resistant Furniture Cover

Zero Gravity Chair Water Resistant Furniture Cover

  • Made with 210 D polyester
  • Suitable for a variety of deck chairs
  • Windproof
  • Convenient for storage
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • UV resistant
  • Some people find it costly

Quick Features

  1. This all-weather cover for Gravity chair is resistant to moisture and hence will help it to stop rusting. So it is ideal for guarding your furniture against the wind, snow, fluctuating temperatures, drenching snow, and scorching sun. 
  2. One striking thing is that all weather resistant chair covers for Zero Gravity chairs are made of pliant which is a cloth-like polyester. This material resists cracking making chair covers last longer.
  3. Its sewn edges add extra durability which ensures that this cover will hold up through the seasons and beyond.
  4. It comes with different sizes such as 34″L x 28″W x 43″H. I bough green color previously. This cover will not fade even after so many years of use.
  5. This gravity chair cover is also compatible with other zero gravity recliners.

As living in New Orleans, you know one of the most humid cities in US, my biggest worry was to protect my furniture from moist and humidity. While searching and consulting with my friends, I discovered this hidden gem “Water Resistant Outdoor Furniture Cover” which not only protects my furniture but also gives me peace of mind when I feel my furniture protected. Thanks for this lovely invention. So if you have the same worry also, lemme paint an amazing picture of that bag.

Are you going to buy this durable Zero Gravity chair cover? Before buying plz ensure that you have checked the unfolded dimensions of your gravity chair to ensure the cover will be a good fit.

5. Zero Gravity Chair Replacement Cord

Zero Gravity Chair Replacement Cord

  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Worth every penny
  • Easy to set up on the gravity chairs
  • Metallic ends
  • Re-lacing can be difficult for some people

Quick Features

  1. The elastic cords and laces feature modelled metallic ends which ensure easy re-lacing.
  2. These laces come with 4 pieces of lace that are more than enough to replace the cord on one Gravity chair.
  3. Don’t worry, this replacement is not so tricky. You will get a complete instructional manual which will make replacing super easy. Believe me, these replacement cords are a great way of breathing a new life into the chairs.

If you are using a Gravity Chair, you can understand how does it feel when the laces which attach the chair’s fabric break. I was shocked when I found that my chair codes were breaking. I thought all my investment in buying a chair has just lost. But I was much happy when my husband told me that these laces are replaceable. So, if you are facing the same problem, worry not, these laces and codes can be replaced easily.

As you know Zero Gravity chair’s fabric is attached with some flexible cord which gives the chair flexibility and holds your weight. In some cases, after 2 to 4 years of using,  this cord tears and lost its flexibility. So if you come across this, the best option is to change the lace of that chair. Which will really change the look and feel of your old Gravity Chair.

6. Removable Cushions For Gravity Chairs

Removable Cushions For Gravity Chairs

  • Reliable
  • Manufactured with high-quality foam
  • Elastic band
  • Detachable pillowcase
  • Fit for most zero gravity and lounge chairs
  • Comfy for lumber support
  • The foam isn’t firm enough

Quick Features

  1. If you can’t sit comfortably in a standard Gravity Chair, you definitely need additional support for a specific part of your body to get more comfort and relaxation.
  2. Worry not for your comfort and support because this cushion fits well with zero memory chairs.
  3. Wonder not, these cushions offer additional support as most of them are fibre, foam or bead filled, covered with fabric and a rigid contoured base.
  4. These cushions will provide you with enough support and will also support your neck and lower back. So lowe back pain is not a problem anymore. Cheers!

 I know you love your Zero Gravity Chair. It is so relaxing and sitting in it simply a luxury. Well, imagine if you could make this recliner even more comfortable. Relax! I have an amazing solution for you, that is “Pad pillow cushion”. Yipeee!!!

Another type of cushion is also worth considering for Gravity Chairs which have an attached shaped seat. If you are a restless soul, keep moving all the time and don’t adjust in one position, you should consider modular back support which has firm and contoured backrest with an adjustable heightpad. You are free to move anywhere anytime. Enjoy your freedom with this type of cushioning.


It is no doubt that most of the people never really bothered about the accessories of their chairs, which is why they usually face troubles with them. The truth is that when you are buying a chair, whether it is a gravity chair or a lounge chair, never settle for anything less than perfect. In the above-detailed article, I have selected and brought the best chair accessories that can add to the comfort of investing money on the right products.

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