Where Should I Travel With My Newborn in Alaska?

traveling with newborn

Breathtaking Alaska, the last frontier, it has always attracted the people towards its magnificent landscapes, tremendous wildlife, and mouth-watering food.

Once you have tasted the Alaskan smoked salmon, you will forget everything. There is so much to see and enjoy in Alaska.

Parents might think it difficult to fly with newborns to Alaska as they need 24 hours attention, but babies are not as fragile as parents think. In fact, traveling with newborns is sometimes an advantage.

You don’t have to pay extra tickets; some places offer a free visit if you are with a newborn and many other promotions like that. Traveling with a newborn in Alaska can be fun.

Alaska has got many tourist attractions to visit with infants and babies. let’s have a look.

Anchorage Museum Alaska

Anchorage museum Alaska

This world-class museum located in the heart of Alaska’s largest city is spread over 40,000 square feet. This museum mainly focuses on the Alaska history and art of the north and ethnography.

The Alaskan gallery exhibits more than 1,000 objects and is a complete presentation of Alaskan art, history, and ethnography.

It gives insight to the lifestyles of native Alaskan people, exploration, and settlements by the Russians, statehood in 1959, world war II and the gold rush era.

Along with this, the museum also arranges exhibitions and programs for its visitors like Wrapped in Pride, Ghanaian Kenta, and African American Identity and Woven Treasure, The Coverlets of Norway, etc.

This will be a very great place in Alaska to have fun and a lot of information with families.

Alaska SeaLife Center

Alaska sealife center

Mothers with newborns are really going to enjoy this place as it doesn’t require any exertion and all you have to do is to stroll the stroller and tale a walk around the aquarium.

Alaska sea life center is a non-profitable organization, so you wouldn’t have to buy tickets for you and your baby to take the tour.

This sea life center has got both a public aquarium and a fully supported research facility.

Along with aquarium and other sea animals there are also stranded marine animals that have been rescued, these include, harbor, ringed, fur and spotted seals, Steller and California sea lion’s, sea otter and many birds from all over Alaska.

Denali National Park and Preserve

denali national park

Most visited and the most famous tourists’ attraction in Alaska is the Denali national park and preserve. Its centerpiece is 20,310-ft high Denali mountain which is also the largest peak in North America.

This one of the world’s largest national park entertains its every visitor with its mother nature.

This park contains terrain of tundra, glaciers and spruce forest. It is also a home for wildlife including wolves, grizzly bears, moose, Dall sheep, and caribou.

The families really enjoy this park as it is an escape from the fast and busy world. You get to enjoy nature as it is. You and your children breathe in the air that is totally free from toxins and pollution.

If you visit this park in summer, then never forget to do its summer activities that are mountaineering hiking, backpacking, biking and much more.

Kenai Fjords National Park

kenai fjords national park

This national park is also the same as the one above but the special thing about this park is that it contains the Harding ice field which is one of the largest ice fields in the united states.

This field is a source of 38 glaciers. The parked is named so because the glaciers have carved a number of fjords. Just like the above this park also has a narrow range of forested parks.

A wide range of terrestrial and marine mammals are inhabited in this park which includes brown and black bears, harbor seals, sea otters, moose, humpback whales, and killer whales.

Eklutna Lake

Eklutna lake in alaska

Another most visited tourist attraction in Alaska is the Eklutna lake. It is an artificial lake and a dam, which is responsible as the only source of water to anchorage.

In summer, it is the best place to spend your weekend as you can enjoy swimming and can ride in any non-motorized vehicle.

Brooks Range

brooks range

This is the mountain range in far northern America and is estimated to be 126 million years old, which makes it the world’s oldest mountain ranges.

It is the best tourist attraction and is the most exciting place for the ones who are mad about hiking, mountaineering, and rafting. This range is famous for the hundreds and thousands of caribou that pass through this area in migratory herds.

Activities to do in Alaska

Apart from its amazing landscape and nature, Alaska also has got some amazing activities and adventures for its visitors,

Dog Sledding and Helicopter Ride

dog sledding in alaska

The most fun, exciting, and adventurous activities in Alaska are either a dog sledding or tour in a helicopter. These are the adventures that most people enjoy and never skip.

Even the kids love it. All you have to do is to relax back in a sled and mush your own dogs, but only if you are experienced, otherwise you are provided with an operator to do so.

The real fun is in taking a ride in a helicopter that flies you through those large glaciers and big forest and then brings you back to your destination.

Take a Ferry Ride

ferry ride in alaska

The best way to have fun in Alaska is to ride one of its ferries. The state of Alaska marine ferry system offers a year-round ferry system. You can even move from one city to another via ferry or can just take a 30-minute ride.


Alaska, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful places in the whole world. What does it not offer?

You can enjoy the mother nature and amazing landscapes in true meaning only in Alaska with its magnificent glaciers, tremendous wildlife, amazing ocean life, and beautiful forests.

Taking a family trip with toddlers and newborns to Alaska can be much better than visiting any ordinary joy land. At least your children get a chance to know the true beauty of the world.

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