When Do You Switch From Infant Car Seat To Convertible

The unending types of car seats that includes infant car seats, convertible car seats, boosters, and backless boosters can easily confuse any parent. Every parent is extremely cautious about their child’s safety, which is why they often fail to make a decision.

It is obvious that your baby will come home from the hospital in an infant car seat, but how long will he stay in it? Many parents are confused about when to switch from an infant car seat to a convertible one. It is very important that your baby is sitting in the back seat on a seat that is a perfect fit. If you have shifted your baby to a convertible seat without considering the weight and height limit, it can be dangerous.

Evaluation of your baby’s car seat and comparing it with his current weight and height can help you make a better decision. You will see various companies offering different sizes of convertible car seats. All you need to know is check the manufacturer’s instructions about the right installation and weight recommendations for every car seat. A misfit car seat can be life-threatening for your little loved one.

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Infant Car Seats

Infant car seats are for newborns to infants. These are the car seats in which your baby will come home from the hospital. The latest models of infant car seats are stroller-friendly. You can easily attach them to the stroller and take your baby for a stroll.

With an infant car seat, only the base latch is attached to the base of your car seat. This helps the baby to enjoy his sleep even if you take the seat out of the car. Infant seats are always rear-faced so that you can easily keep an eye on the baby. The longer the baby stays in the rear-faced position of his infant car seats, the safer he stays while you drive.

As far as the switching is concerned, the recommended age for shifting from an infant car seat is two years. However, if your baby weighs more than the recommended weight of an infant car seat, you can switch to a convertible car seat for toddlers.

Following are the weight recommendations of the most popular brands of infant car seats:

Company Name Weight/Height Recommendations
Graco SnugRide 30 4 to 30 pounds/ up to 30inches  
Britax B-Safe 4 to 35 pounds/ up to 32inches  
Chicco KeyFit 30 4 to 30 pounds/ up to 30inches  
Maxi Cosi Prezi 4 to30 pounds/ up to 29inches  

Convertible Car Seats

If the baby has outgrown his infant car seat, you can now shift him to a convertible car seat, but still in a rear-facing position. Your baby is growing curious in this age, and he wants more leverage to move by turning and tossing. You cannot risk his safety at this time. Be sure that the latch is a perfect fit and the belt straps are not too loose to give him space to move. Make sure that your baby is restrained in one position, but not so much that it irritates him.

You can convert your convertible car seat into a front-facing position as they grow into a toddler. It gets difficult to place a toddler in a rear-facing position because their legs will touch the back seat of the car. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends it to be the best position for toddlers as well.

When To Switch From Infant To Convertible Car Seat

The best time to switch from an infant car seat to a convertible one is when your child is about to have his first birthday. It was recorded from various researches that most of the parents find it more convenient to use infant cat seats for longer. Not only are they easy to carry and use, but also affordable.

However, you have to make the switch anyhow. So, why not do it at the right time. Your child will soon be outgrown of the infant car seat and his head will not get any support because of the limited space. His legs will also get fixed in the back seat that will irritate him more.


The safety of your baby should be your first priority, and money doesn’t have any value in comparison. Convertible seats have proper head support, safety latch system, and proper belt-positioning harnesses that carries your baby well. Placing your baby in a convertible car seat when he reaches the age of 1 is the best as it will provide him with added safety.

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