What Type Of Car Seat Is Best For A 5-Year-Old?

Kids grow so fast even before you start noticing it. their infancy and toddling years pass by so rapidly that you think it has been a day since they were born, and now its time for them to become school going.

Your kid is going to learn so much at school, but it doesn’t mean that he has grown up enough to be out of his car seat.

The timespan from their best infant car seat to the convertible ones may have passed, but your child still needs a car seat to feel safe in the back seat. No doubt that they will be covering so many milestones ahead.

However, keeping them safe is your responsibility. So, what type of car seat is best for a 5-year-old new school going kid? This is the question of many parents, who are concerned about whether their school going kids need a car seat or not.

Let Us See How You Can Determine What Type Of Car Seat Will Suit Best For Your 5-Year Old.

Measures To Determine The Right Type Of Car Seat

When it comes to choosing a car seat for your kids, the age factor is just a general one. Selecting a car seat is all about the size. The weight and height of your kid decide what type of car seat he needs to stay safe. Every kid has his own growing pace. It is possible that your kid has reached the age of 5, but his weight and height doesn’t match the requirements to fit for a booster seat.

In such a condition, the best way is to continue with the convertible car seat you are already using. Another thing to consider is the model and company of the car seat. For example, some companies manufacture booster seats that are huge. Such a car seat will be a misfit for your kid even if he matches the requirements of being placed into a booster seat. You can check other brands in the market that fulfills your criteria.

Many of the children can easily switch to the front-forward position in their convertible car sear by this age. So, if your little one is still has outgrown the rear-facing position, but is underweight for a booster, choose the front-facing position. This will provide more space for your kid as well as giving him liberty to move more easily while still be restrained.


Your kid might have grown big but not to be to sit in the car without a car seat. According to the traffic regulatory authorities of the United States, your kid has to be placed in a car seat for at least 14 years of age. The age factor may vary from state to state.

So, if you are worried about your little one being too little to fit a booster seat but too outgrown for the old baby seat, shift the convertible seat to front-facing. This way, you will find it easier to keep an eye on his activities without worrying about his safety.

Belt-Positioning Booster

If your baby is of the exact age, size, and weight that fits a booster seat, then you can easily shift to a belt-positioning booster car seat. The booster seat is designed to be high enough so that your child can use the belt of your car seat. You will not need any anchoring or harness positioning with a booster car seat. Just set up the booster car seat, and your kid is good to go safe. You can also use your belt-positioning booster car seat as a backless booster if the car seat has an extended expiration date.


It is important to keep a check on the growth of your children so that you know when they are ready for a transition. This will not only keep them safer, but you will also be aware that your kids are doing well in their growing years.

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