Best Gift for the Third Birthday

What is the Best Gift for the Third Birthday?

Your child is turning three. It’s not every day a baby turns three. Have you got something special to do on his special day?

Well, of course, you have. Which parent won’t? after all, it will be a big day for you
too. Your baby will at last start to enjoy and respond to the activities in his surroundings. Choosing a gift is really a task.

It won’t be a big matter for parents because they know their babies. But the real problem is for relatives. They don’t know what the child would like or what type of gift he will enjoy the most.

The gift should be according to your child’s age. He won’t be able to handle a gift that is too big than his age. Also, if you would give him something that was meant for one-year-old, he would get bored instantly. So, whether its parents or relatives, I have got some unique gifts.

Lets have a look at the suggestions for you to gift a just turned three-year-old

1. Etch A Sketch

 Etch A Sketch

Just the right gift that is meant for the children aged 3 or above. And sometimes, even the adults enjoy it. If your child loves drawing and is always drawing on the walls and the books, then this is the best give you should give him on his third birthday.

Trust me, you won’t see any pencil marks on your walls again. This pad work as if its magic. The doodle set comes with magnetic joysticks to draw and is easier for little hand.

It is so lightweight and has no free-floating art supplies so the drawing time will be mess-free for the very first time. Your three years old will truly love it and won’t get his hands off from it.

2. Fisher-Price Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Set

Fisher-Price Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Set

You must have heard the name of fisher price. The most loyal company in making the best baby gear and toys. And now, fisher price has brought for its customers one of the best gifts that are suitable for the children aged three.

The children who love traveling and vehicles especially the train are really going to be amused by this wooden railway set.

Fisher-price Thomas and friend’s railway sets contain the whole railway station including trains, trees, tracks, tunnels and everything that will be enough to excite your kid. A perfect gift that will engage your child in playing for a long period of time, without getting bored.

3. Janod Music Instrument Set

Janod Music Instrument Set

Does your child love music? Has it ever happened that your baby started to play the music with spoons, glasses, and plates? Then what are you waiting for?

Get that little musician out of him by giving him this music instrument set on his third birthday. Let him make his own little music band with his friends. This music set contains seven pieces made with wood and is decorated with vibrant and non-toxic paint.

It is specially made and designed in France that has the biggest chains of toy-making companies. It’s the best gift to buy under a low budget and is easily available on amazon.

4. Melissa and Doug Fresh Mart Grocery Store

Melissa and Doug Fresh Mart Grocery Store

Your child is getting bigger. So, you should allow him to do the grocery just like the adults. Not real grocery, of course, you can’t trust him with that. But how about a pretend grocery store. Melissa and Doug brought you just the same thing.

A fresh mart grocery store. This play-set contains all the things required in an original grocery store like a free-standing sturdy grocery store with a hand-cranked conveyor belt, beeping scanner, cash drawer, card swipe machine, bagging area.

It has ample shelving on both sides for display and storage, shop on one side and rings up groceries on the other. Plus, the edges and corners are smooth and curved so the child would be safe from any kind of injury.

This play-set must be used under the supervision of adults cause it contains small parts that are choking hazards. And this set is meant for children 3 or above and should not be handed over the babies below three.

5. Rub a Dub, Shaving in The Tub

Rub a Dub, Shaving in The Tub

A perfect bath gift for the 3 years old babies who are curious and want to try shaving just like their dad’s do. It’s a perfect gift for the boys but can also be given to the girls cause the girls of this age sometimes like doing the boyish things.

The shaving set contains a shaving cream that is actually a baby-safe soap, a plastic razor that is totally harmless, a shaving brush, comb, foaming body soap, and an unbreakable mirror.

So, let you little one groom up on his third birthday and make him feel like he is a grown-up man who is allowed to do the shaving.

6. Pretend and Play Makeup Station

Pretend and Play Makeup Station

Sorry little boys, but this one is meant for the girls. Pretend and play makeup station for the little girls that are always asking for their mother’s lipsticks and blushes.

The set contains a beautiful wooden kid-sized vanity that is full of makeup products such as lipsticks, lip gloss, nail polish, eye-shade, hair ties, comb, brush, perfumes, hand mirror and other lots of things. This can be a perfect gift for children aged between 3 and 7.

7. Hape Gourmet Chef Kitchen and Cookware Set

Hape Gourmet Chef Kitchen and Cookware Set

Another one of the best gifts you can give on a child’s third birthday is the Hape gourmet kitchen set. It is a gender-neutral so it can be given to both, girls and the boys. But the girls will surely enjoy it more than the boys.

The set contains a complete mini kitchen. It has got all the cookware, like cooking pots, frying pans, plates, glasses, cups, cutlery and much more. This play-set is perfect for sharing, your child will love to play it with other kids.

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