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Top 6 Museums to Visit with Kids

Over for centuries, museums have been a great part of mankind’s history. They play an important role in provoking imagination and providing immersive learning experiences to both adults and kids. Museums hold history, culture, traditions, beliefs, science, and entertainment as well.

They show us how civilization has changed and how it changes from one period to another.
For years, museums have been a great attraction for tourists, especially the ones with the kids. Kids of no matter what age have always enjoyed the museums. It is a fantasy place for them where they can show and describe their imaginations without hesitation.

Here are some of the top museums you should really visit if you are with your kids.

American Museum of Natural History NYC

american museum of natural history

The most visited museum in the Big Apple. The American museum of natural history has got some really amazing things for history lovers. You and your kids are sure to get a thrill out of blue whale that is the heart of the ocean hall.

And that gigantic skeleton of dinosaur is something you should never miss if you visit the museum. it feels like it is nearly to come in life. This museum is filled with a variety of different species of animals including a hall of reptiles and amphibians, a world of bird, ocean life and mammals.

The most interesting thing about this museum is that it is totally free, but a visitor can pay if he likes to and as much and as little as he wants.

Please Touch Museum Philadelphia

The museum located in Philadelphia is the best place to visit with your kids especially the younger ones who are still using their car seats. The museum offers a unique learning of children through interactive exhibits, shows, and events.

The main attractions for the kids in this museum are Alice in Wonderland play area, river adventure play area, space station, please taste café, Christmas village, a replica of the statue of liberty and the woodside park.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum NYC

madame Tussaud wax museum

The most visited and the most known place that even the teens will love. grab a camera, get your kids and go to the Madame Tussauds wax museum. You and your kids will have a chance to take pictures and selfies with your favorite celebrities.

They are made of wax but you can never describe the difference. Meet your favorite actors, characters, politicians, and sportsman in Madame Tussauds wax museum.

Discovery Place in Charlotte

discovery place

If you are looking for some fun in charlotte, then this is exactly the place made for you. So much to see and so much to learn in this museum for you and your kids. This museum offers everyone to understand science, technology, mathematics, and engineering in a much better and amusing way.

An area in this museum allows you and your kids to understand some basic concepts of physics like lift, move, push and pull with the help of some really cool stuff, just like lying on the bed of nails or performing a small blast.

Your kids will be learning without even realizing that they are. Moreover, your children can use their technical skills in making designs of buildings in multimedia programs. Then comes the mechanical area where the kids will expose their creativity.

After that, the museum has also got some entertainment stuff like a 3D movie theatre, which shows small films related to science and technology. Along with all these things the museum has also arranged some science exhibitions to amuse its visitors.

California Science Center Los Angeles

California science center Los Angeles

This science center located in Los Angeles is extremely kid-friendly and has got some amazing stuff to do and see. Some of the best zones include the spacecraft zone which is also very famous due to its endeavor space shuttle that is the best part of the trip.

Then comes the river zone which is full of interactive activities like creating ripples in the River. The extreme zone gives information about all the harsh environments of different areas like deserts, poles, sea vents, and rocky shores.

L.A zones provide all the understanding of Los Angeles, its wildlife, waste products and everything. There are many other things like a kelp forest, a world of life, a water tank, explore store to amuse you and your kids.

The museum also has a rose café that is full of a variety of fast foods and other meals. The most exciting part of the museum is the IMAX theatre that has a great number of short films for its audiences, but you have to buy a separate ticket for it.


The world is so big and is full of interesting museums. I can’t give you one by one name of all the good museums to visit as it would take me a long time, but I hope that the information that I have provided you above will prove beneficial for you because after all, they are the best and most visited museums.

Enjoy the museums with your kids and have a good day.

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