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Things You Can Do with Kids in Brooklyn

When you’re in The Brooklyn, it becomes extremely difficult to decide which place to pick first. And when you’re with those little monsters it becomes even more impossible. But worry not, because today, in my article I am going to suggest to you the best places and activities you can do in Brooklyn when you are with your family.

Let’s start from the very first

Brooklyn’s New York Aquarium

brooklyn aquarium

Show your kids the live Nemo at Brooklyn’s aquarium in New York. This is something your kids will definitely love and enjoy. Brooklyn’s aquarium is the best place for families with children, but it doesn’t mean that one without kids won’t be amused.

It is the place that offers entertainment for all types of ages, whether it is a 5-year-old toddler or even if it is a 90 years old adult, anyone will get a thrill out of deadly sharks when they will be circling around them but won’t be able to eat them.

The aquarium offers its visitors a complete theme of an ocean. It feels like you are standing in the middle of a sea watching all the aquatic life passing through you. Aquarium not only shows its visitors a large range of fishes and whales but also provides information about maintaining a tank at home and how to take care of your pet fish.

In my opinion, it is the best place for the fish-lover kids to go. Your kid will become friends with the friendly dolphins and will get become frightened yet excited when they will move outside to the sea cliff where there will be a number of penguins, harbor seals, California sea lions, sea otters, and walruses swimming and resting.

Ride the Coney Island’s Cyclone Roller Coaster

coney island cyclone

Don’t ever, even by mistake forget to visit the Luna park when you are in New York with kids. It has got something really very special stuff for you. And that special thing is Coney island’s oldest roller coaster the Cyclone Roller Coaster. This wooden coaster is known to be America’s oldest roller coaster.

It was made in 1927, but still takes its riders breaths away in the same way it does then. Get ready to shake, rumble, rattle and roll over with your family at the length of at 2’640 feet of track that has 12 drops and 27 elevations. You are surely to get a kick out of this exciting yet daring ride.

Chill at the Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Water Lab

brooklyn bridge park

This awesome park covering the area of 85 acres has now become one of the most visiting places in New York by tourists and visitors. Families that are looking for exciting places to have fun with their families should add this park to the top of the list.

Brooklyn bridge park has got a bunch full of kid’s activities to amuse the little ones. Some of them are playgrounds at pier 5 and pier 6, pop-up pools, main street playgrounds, basketball clinics, janes carousels, and summer reading Storytime. But one thing that makes this park the most chilling one is its water lab.

It’s the best place to cool off in hot summer’s day. It has got a lot of benches in the shade, you can also get some shut-eye in the cool place if you want to.

Let Your Kids Explore Brooklyn’s Botanic Garden

brooklyn botanic garden

One of the most family-friendly places you will ever visit in New York. Brooklyn’s Botanic Garden offers young children to fulfill their desire of getting their hands dirty in educational programs. Brooklyn’s botanical garden has got no play area or games or pools for the kids, but it is still full of excitement, exploring new things, natural beauty and fun for kids.

Kids and of course their parents will surely enjoy the Japanese area of the garden where there is a giant koi pond with turtles lazing on rocks, beautiful sculptures of bonsai trees and figurative fountain. The kids also develop a sense of differentiating between the traditional European garden and the Japanese garden.

Apart from the Japanese garden, there is also a children’s garden made especially for the little ones to work on their educational and developing skills. this children’s garden is the best place to keep the kids busy and entertained.

The greenhouse is also another delight for the kids, they get to see and learn more about different carnivorous plants, different species of cacti and some real bonsai and other tropical plants.

Have Fun at Puppet Works Theater

puppet works theater brooklyn

This show initially was meant to entertain the children between 3 to 10 years of age. But once it gets started, it began to attract the folks of almost every age. Whether its kids or its their parents they all are amused by this show and it suddenly starts to feels like they are on the stage performing it by themselves.

After all, we all were a fan of the sesame street when we were kids. Its nice to relive the childhood again. This puppet show is a good development for the children as it is a good introduction with the theater.

The children learn to develop patience. They are not allowed to touch the marionette during the show but are allowed to do this after the show ends. They can even ask questions to their favorite character.

Brooklyn Museum for Children

brooklyn's children museum

No doubt, this museum is one of the best tourist attractions you should visit if you are with those little people. This is the best place to amuse your children and get the creativity out of them.

Children can take the advantage of becoming scientists for one day as they have the opportunity to learn and explore about human health, human nutrition, scientific tools and scientific ways that science uses to solve biological problems.

The children and the adults will also be introduced by the tools of advocacy. In the color lab, the children are really going to enjoy the water table that is specially designed for toddlers to play with sand, water, and blocks.

Among color lab, museum has got many other amusements for you like festivals, world Brooklyn and many others.


Brooklyn has many other places to amuse and entertain its visitors but if you are on a short time trip then you must have to visit the places that I have suggested above.

I hope that you will find this information of any help.

Enjoy the trip to Brooklyn with your kids. Good luck.

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