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Things to Do with Kids at Beach

The summer is coming. This means that most of us will be found on the beach on the weekends. When people think about summer, they unconsciously think about the beach too.

In my opinion, beach is the best place for adults to get away from their worries and to relax and enjoy their busy lives.

But for children, beach is like a natural joy land. Children always become excited about going out, especially on the beach.

You can make it more exciting and fun by just adding some simple activities that will make their visit the most amusing one.

Here are some activities that will engage your children for a long time on the beach.

Build a Sand Castle

building a sand castle

The most common and the most fun thing on the beach to do. I don’t think that I have to give you a lot of information about this one.

Sandcastle is the thing that almost everyone builds when they visit the beach. So must let your kids do this activity.

Your children develop their gross motor skills and physical development skills in a fun and exciting way. Plus, it would engage your child for a long period of time so you can lay back and take a sunbath.

Play Nature Scavenger

playing treasure hunt at beach

Your little explorers are really going to love this game. All you have to do is make a list of general things found on the beach and hand it to your little ones with a bucket.

It will be great excitement for your kids to mark tick on their list and fill their buckets up with different beach things like dried seaweeds, shells, pebbles of different colors, and driftwood. Then let them use their precious collections in beach art.

What will be Better Than a Tic-Tac-Toe on the sand?

playing tic tac toe at beach

Tic-tac-toe on a piece of paper is the most favorite game of all the children and of course adults also. But have you ever thought of playing it on the beach?

Drawing some X’s and O’s on the sand with their fingers and sticks is no doubt more amusing than the paper and the pencil.

The game is itself very interesting and will become more fun when playing it in the sand.

Collect Shells and Pebbles to Make Necklaces

collecting shells at beach

Engage your kids in collecting some most beautiful and unique seashells and pebbles. Then help and assist them in making accessories out of them.

Start it from a simple one like a pendent, then start making other jewelry like necklaces, bracelets and hair bands.

Or you can also collect them and take them home to put them in a pretty jar to décor your house.

Fly a Kite

flying kite at beach

I wonder why people don’t take advantage of the weather at the beach. the weather on the beach is often windy, so go fly a kite with your little one and make him your buddy to launch it.

I don’t think that there will be any kid who doesn’t like to fly a kite. And the beach will make it more excited.

Build a Sand Man

sandy snowman

Your kids will be familiar with the snowman. But have they ever seen a sandman? It will really be a fun activity for them. Ask them to make a man out of beach sand just like they made the castle.

Tell them to decorate it with anything they find on the beach like shells and pebbles, sticks and driftwood.

You can also bring a hat and a scarf with you to add more joy to it. Let them bring out all of their creativity.

Go Creative in Beach Art

little girl drawing on beach sand

let them express their drawing skills on the sands. Tell them to draw whatever they imagine. They can also use decorative things on the beach to add color to their imaginations.

Help them by giving ideas about the things they can make on the sand: like mermaid. They can make its tail with pebbles, use dried seaweed for her hair and big Pebbles for her top.

How About a Relay Race?

relay race at beach

Children love races. So how about organizing a one on the beach. Handle them a bucket and a glass and ask them to fill the bucket with the seat water with the help of a glass.

One who fills the first wins. Or you can also use shells and pebbles instead of water.

Musical Towels

Children’s favorite, musical chairs are played in almost every birthday party, and every kid loves it. So why not play it on the beach. But instead of chairs, you can make it a musical towel.

Your kids are really gonna enjoy it. Don’t forget to bring a recorder with you for music. But no worry if you haven’t got one. I am sure your cell phones are always with you. you can use them.

But be sure that the children won’t dry them up with the same towels they used for playing. You know, they are muddy and got a lot of germs.

Have a Family Picnic

family picnic at beach

Bring a blanket, serve your food on it and make the beach a perfect picnic spot.

No matter what you have brought for lunch, eating it together with your kids, underneath the open sky with sea near you will make it 100 times more delicious than a five-star hotel meal. Believe me, I have experienced it myself.

Do a Beach Reading

reading book at beach

The best way to amuse your child after all the playing is to gather them all around you, take out an interesting storybook or whatever type you like and read it to your children.

You can also ask them to read it one by one. It is the best method to engage them in fun activities if they are starting to get bored.

Participate in the Cleaning of the Beach

cleaning the beach

In the end, when you and your kids have had all the fun and amusement, teach your children to be a civilized man and a good citizen, play a part in the cleaning of the beach just like the others and ask your children to do it so.

Fun part is, to make it interesting, you can also make it a type of race. The one who gathers more trash wins. Trust me, they will do all the cleaning happily.

Final Word

On the beach, there are so many things to do for you and your kids, even more than the few I have described above.

All you have to do is to put a little effort into thinking about different ideas, and ideas will come to you. you can make the whole beach a natural amusement park for your kids.

I hope that my information will prove to be beneficial for you.

Happy sunny day at the beach with your kids.

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