The Safety 1st onBoard 35 infant car seat is used for children weighing between 4 and 35 lbs, and 30 inches tall.

Its typical recommended price is just under $100 and it has received an average rating by those who have purchased this seat.

All the bigger box stores usually sell this car seat, but it might be a little bit harder to find in some of the smaller local stores, and if they do carry them it is likely there will only be one color.

The Safetey 1st car seat has several different colors to choose from including a blue for a boy and an Orion Pink version for a girl.


One of the most prominent features that people usually notice first things many people notice when they see the seat is the depth. This is so there will be plenty of room for infants to grow into it.

This is a great thing because it means that with this current price tag, you get a lot of mileage for not to much money. The seat offers about 17% more leg room than other infant car seats currently available.

For tbe price, it’s one of the market leaders for size and possible longevity potential.

The Safety 1st onBoard 35 infant car seat is a deeper seat, and to help with the depth it’s been padded to ensure it’s both completely comfortable, and to be able to have a snug fit for safety`.

One complaint you will never have with the Safety 1st onBoard 35 is a lack of leg room for your little one.

Comments that are typical for this car seat are: “Very easy to install”, “Didn’t break the bank”, “Car Seat does what is suppose to”, “Cute patters”, “Safe and the price is right”.

For Safety purposes: this infant car seat is has a 5pt harness specially designed to fit around your precious cargo, even if you have a premature baby.

It comes with a base belt lock fitted, which seems to be an industry standard at this point, this helps keeps the seat safe and sturdy as well as reducing forward impact upon collision.

It also comes with Air-Protect side impact technology, this feature funnels out extra air through little holes in the seat if there was to be an impact *(think of it like a cushion of air keeping the baby safe).

This feature helps neutralize forces that typically reach the child inside the car seat.

The seat is LATCH equipped, this makes it very easy to install. It features an ergonomically designed carry handle to make carrying your infant around much easier, and it also fits some other Safety 1st bases and virtually all strollers.

On the Stroller note, Safety 1st does make a stroller that will fit this car seat perfectly. There will be a review of the strollers and other Safety 1st products to follow!

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