Peg Perego Viaggio Shuttle: The Best Backless Booster Seat

If your child is old enough, or if he no longer likes to sit in his high back booster seat, then a backless booster seat is just the right option for you. But mostly, backless seats are not much safer than the high back seats. So, for the safety and protection of your child, you must choose the best backless booster seat that will provide your child the safety he deserves.

There are many backless booster seats that have no comparison, but their price is always touching the sky. You must be looking for something that you can afford and is no less than the best.

You’ve already found what you were looking for. The Peg Perego Viaggio Shuttle! This Italian made backless booster is well known for its unique style, quality fabric, safety, and comfort.

Peg Perego Viaggio Shuttle Review

Best Review on Peg Perego Viaggio Shuttle

 Features of Peg Perego Viaggio Shuttle

  • Rigid Latch System and a Blind lock
  • Comfortable and easy to clean seat
  • Includes cup holder
  • It can be folded
  • Has a carrying handle
  • It can carry weight ranging from 40 to 120 pounds
  • Has removable cup holders
  • Comes with three color options
  • Not much comfortable being backless
  • pricey

Quick Features

1. Safe and Secure

The very first reason to buy a booster seat is to provide safety to your child. This seat fulfills its job with complete responsibility. It has a Rigid Latch System. This latch system firmly bounds the booster seat with the car seat.

This means, there is no chance of wobbling and less chance of falling down. This seat does not move from its place even if it is empty. You can also slide back the latch system if you want to detach the seat or put it in another vehicle.

It becomes safer with the help of blind lock system. Your child will be bound to the seat, and won’t be able to unlock himself as most of the children do. This is because the latch system will be locked, and it won’t be easy for your child to seek it.

This booster seat also contains a clip for seat belt so that your child is restrained in his seat. Your child can easily buckle himself in it.

2. Comfortable and Moisture Absorbing Cushion

The cushion has a two-layered foam. The first layer is EPS that is energy absorbing and provides protection against accidents. The other layer is soft polyurethane foam that proves to be quite comfortable. It also absorbs the moisture after leaving the child cool and dry.

3. Includes Cup Holder and Armrests

Two more features that you will like are the cup holder and armrests. Yes, it has a cup holder for your child so that he will no longer find any difficulty in handling his snacks during travel. Two armrests are present to help prevent muscular tension and pain.

So, your child will sit more comfortably and relaxed. The cup holders are detachable and can be removed for the purpose of cleaning if you need extra space in the car.

4. Easy to Clean

You can easily remove the seat cover. It is suitable for machine and hand wash. The cup holders can easily come out and are dishwasher safe.

Moreover, you can just spot clean the seat cover if you don’t want to remove it.

5. Portable and Easy to Carry

One more reason that most of the parents buy it is that the Peg Perego backless booster seat is really convenient for traveling. It can easily be folded and consumes less space, which makes it portable.

Also, it is easy to carry due to its lightweight and a carrying handle. Even your child can carry it.

6. 11 Years Expiration

Because it is actually meant for the grown-up children, you can use it until the child reaches 11. Which is a very long time period. You can also use it afterwards if you have any other kid.

7. Colors Range

It comes in three beautiful colors that your child will love: Crystal black, Monza and Licorice.

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