Maxi Cosi Pria 85 Car Seat Review

Maxi Cosi Pria 85 Car Seat

Maxi-Cosi is Europe’s preferred premium car seat. Although the Maxi-Cosi car seats here within the U.S. aren’t an equivalent seat to the seats manufactured in Europe (due to completely different standards and regulations). American and European models both stand for safety, comfort and elegance.

Let’s clarify that there square measure 3 completely different models of the Maxi-Cosi Pria convertible that square measure presently on the market.

Four, if you count the more cost-effective Maxi-Cosi Vello sixty-five model that is analogous however lacks a number of the options found on the assorted Pria models.

  • Original seventy convertible with small work insert: this can be the sole Pria model that may accommodate a newborn. we’ve got a full review of this Pria seventy with small work model here.
  • Seventy convertible: 9-40 lbs. rear-facing; 22-70 lbs. forward-facing
  • Eighty five convertible: 14-40 lbs. rear-facing; 22-85 lbs. forward-facing

Eighty Five Specs

  • Rear-facing: 5-40 lbs., 40″ or less, prime of child’s head should be below prime of the headrest
  • Forward-facing: 22-85 lbs., a minimum of one year previous, up to 52″ tall

Maxi Cosi Pria 85 Car Seat Features

  • No-rethread harness with nine height positions
  • Air Protect® technology for increased side-impact protection
  • 3-position base
  • Premium push-on LATCH connectors
  • Harness holder clips (hold harness out of the means whereas loading and unloading)
  • Easy to get rid of cowl is each mechanically cleanable & drier safe
  • Premium materials
  • Separate harness strap covers for teenagers over sixty five lbs. (only needed if seat isn’t tethered)
  • Integrated cup holder
  • FAA approved to be used in craft
  • 10 year period before expiration


  • Lowest harness height: 10″
  • Highest harness height: 18″
  • 3 crotch strap buckle position: 4″, 5″, 6″
  • Max internal height measuring (with headrest in highest position): 26″
  • Widest point: 20″ (across the cup holders)
  • Back of shell width: 11″ (Fairly narrow)
  • Base dimensions: 11″ wide x 13″ long
  • Weight: eighteen.8 lbs.

Each Pria eighty-five model comes with optional harness strap covers and a buckle pad. The buckle pad is intended during a means that it stays place thus it won’t come back off all the time and be simply lost.

As a matter of fact, it has been perpetually very few things like that that i actually can appreciate! There’s a second set of harness strap covers that square measure hidden during a little pocket on the aspect of the quilt.

Those harness pads square measure solely needed if you’ve got a child over sixty-five lbs. and therefore the seat isn’t bound. If you’ve got put in the Pria eighty-five victimization the tether strap there’s no have to be compelled to ever use those strap covers.

The great news is that the additional strap covers square measure terribly just like the regular strap covers thus if you ever did have to be compelled to use them, they shouldn’t be too unpleasant or annoying.

The sole distinction is that the over sixty five lbs. covers have engrossing material within and a strip of engrossing material on the rear.

Installation Comments

Recline Positions for Rear-Facing and Forward-Facing: Pria eighty five has three recline positions. once rear-facing use either position #2 (semi-reclined) or #3 (fully reclined) to get the proper recline angle in your vehicle.

Rear-Facing Recline Angle Indicator: It’s simply a line formed into the aspect of the shell with a sticker label beneath (pictured right).

When forward-facing if the kid weighs but forty lbs. you want to use the semi-reclined #2 position. If the kid weighs over forty lbs. you want to use the totally upright #1 position.

Victimization recline position #2 for forward-facing suggests that there’ll be a spot behind the seat. whereas it will build the kid additional reclined (which is usually higher for sleeping) it conjointly needs more room for the child’s legroom.

Guide for LATCH belt (or seatbelt) within the rear-facing belt path – you want to thread the belt through the guides on each side once putting in the Pria within the rear-facing position.

Installation with LATCH

LATCH weight limits – you’ll be able to install Pria eighty five victimization the lower LATCH anchors rear-facing up to the most weight limit of forty lbs. Forward-facing, if the kid weighs over forty lbs., use seatbelt and tether to put in the seat rather than victimization the lower LATCH anchors in your vehicle.

Center installs with non-standard LATCH spacing – Maxi-Cosi permits the Pria eighty five to be put in within the center seating position with LATCH (up to forty lbs.), if the vehicle manufacturer specifically permits it.

Using the Tether – don\’t use the tether strap for rear-facing however continuously use the tether strap once forward-facing if a tether anchor is obtainable for the seating position getting used within the vehicle.

Maxi-Cosi recommends the highest tether for all forward-facing installations notwithstanding the child’s weight or the installation technique (LATCH or seatbelt).

If you have got associate degree recent vehicle that doesn’t have tether anchors, verify if they will be retrofitted. If not, you\’ll use the Pria eighty five forward-facing while not tethering however simply bear in mind that you simply should use the opposite set of harness strap covers if your kid is over sixty five lbs.

Fit to kid Comments


This seat isn’t designed to accommodate newborns or smaller babies. It’s for older babies WHO weigh a minimum of fourteen lbs. and WHO area unit tall enough to possess their shoulders even with or higher than the 10″ bottom harness slots.

For older children underneath forty lbs. and fewer than 40″ tall, this seat offers generous rear-facing limits.

Even with the 40″ rear-facing explicit height limit it’s tall enough to induce most youngsters to 3-4 years recent within the rear-facing position.

Several children may work rear-facing during this seat past 40″ if Maxi-Cosi did away with the explicit height limit for rear-facing and simply allowed you to use the seat till the child’s head was even with the highest of the shell.

For currently that isn’t associate degree possibility however we have a tendency to hope they’ll contemplate that for future versions of this seat.

On the and aspect, it offers sensible leg space, low sides for easy loading and unloading and it doesn’t take up lots of space front-to-back within the rear-facing position – particularly if you’ll use the a lot of upright recline at 2nd position.


On the highest finish of the vary children can outgrow the 5-point harness by height before reaching the eighty five lbs. weight limit. However, the 18″ prime harness height is incredibly generous and may be ample to induce most youngsters to the age and size wherever they will safely transition to a booster seat.

Comfort, Convenience & Style

Maxi-Cosi is accepted for vogue and luxury. All the Pria convertible models area unit esthetically pleasing and well soft. The harness holders area unit convenient as they will hold the harness out of the manner whereas you’re loading and unloading your kid.

If you’ve ever had to fish buckle tongues out from underneath your kid on every occasion you set him or her within the seat – you recognize that gets recent quickly.


The Pria eighty five cowl is fairly simple to get rid of and replace due to snaps. You don’t ought to take the straps off the splitter plate or take away the buckle to induce the quilt off.

Cowl removal would be easier if it wasn’t for the harness holders. The addition of these clips on the perimeters of the shell created it tougher to induce the quilt off.

One of the nicest options of the Pria eighty five is that the quilt is each machine cleanable and drier safe! this can be the primary car seat that really permits you to toss the quilt within the dyer! Machine washable the quilted material and headrest pad on mild cycle with cold water.

Harness covers should be washed and dried on an individual basis to avoid injury from the velcro.

FAA-Approval/Lifespan/Crash Guidelines/Inflatable Belts

  • FAA certified to be used on airplanes
  • 10 year period of time before expiration
  • Must get replaced when any crash
  • Installation with expansive seat belts isn\’t allowed

Maxi-Cosi Pria Eighty Five Advantages

  • Generous height and weight limits
  • No-rethread harness with nine height positions
  • Deep head wings with Air Protect® technology area unit nice for sleeping and SIP
  • Relatively simple to put in properly in most vehicles
  • Doesn’t take up lots of space front-to-back once put in rear-facing
  • Low sides create it convenient to load and unload rear-facing kid
  • Comfortable – cowl is well soft
  • Can use LATCH up to GHB RF weight limit of forty lbs.
  • Harness holders
  • Cover is machine cleanable and drier safe
  • FAA approved to be used in craft
  • Made within the USA!


In fairness, these aren’t essentially issues however I list them here to tell potential shoppers of specific Pria eighty five problems.

  • No lockoff device to assist with seatbelt installation
  • Only the Pria model with TinyFit is appropriate to be used with newborns and smaller babies
  • 40″ standing height limit for rear-facing is limiting
  • No EPP or EPS foam
  • Single level line for rear-facing recline angle
  • Lots of rules concerning the correct use of various recline positions aboard


If you’re reaching to use associate degree kid seat initial and so transition to a convertible once the baby is greater, Pria eighty five could be a nice choice to contemplate. With terribly tall 18″ prime harness slots and generous rear-facing and forward-facing weight limits, this convertible is well-suited for extended rear-facing and for forward-facing older children too.

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