How To Wash Car Seat Straps?

Where there are kids, there are spills and mess. No matter where they are seated, a mess is inevitable. Mothers try hard to prevent any such situations where they will have to clean everything again and again. However, with a baby by your side, cleaning is something you should get used to. Kids also create a mess during dining. But don’t worry, here are the best car seats for dining.

The most frustrating of all the cleaning ventures is the one when you are driving and you look at the mess at the back seat. You cannot keep an eye on your little ones all day long, especially when you are driving somewhere. When you place your baby in the convertible car seat, never think that you have successfully limited the activities. They will not just look out of the window screen and get happy. You always have to place something edible by your baby’s side so that its mind will keep distracted.

This is the moment when you are welcoming things to get messier. When kids eat, they eat by spilling it on themselves. Most of the car seats are easily washable, but the straps are the real issue. You cannot put the straps in the washing machine. So, to clean the dirty car seat straps, you should act swiftly.

Here Is What You Can Do To Wash Your Car Seat Straps Effectively

Easy Way To Wash Car Seat Straps

If you are worried about how to wash car seat straps when they are dirty, this cleaning guide is the most reliable source to help you out. Just follow the below detailed steps, and get the car seat ready for the baby.

Handle The Stains And Spills Swiftly

If your car seat straps are stained with drinks, milk, baby food, or vomit, its better to clean it off as soon as you can. The straps of the car seats are made of a material that easily absorbs the stain to become permanent. Make sure that you wipe it off with a wet cloth right in that instant. If you are driving, always keep extra clothes and water bottles. You can also use baby wipes so that the straps will not get too wet. Whenever you remove the car seat, it’s possible that the strap may get damaged. In this case, you can learn to rethread the car seat straps here easily.

Remove The Car Seat

As soon as you reach back home, uninstall the car seat out of the car, and start disassembling it. It is better that you take a picture of the car seat so that you remember how the straps were placed before when you reinstall it. Most of the modern car seats have removable straps. If you have one of those, then just remove the straps.

Use The Right Things

Make sure to check the user manual of your car seat. If it has specified instruction about the washing and cleaning of the seat and straps, read it. Car seat straps are usually recommended to get cleaned with mild soap or detergent. You can also use handwash, baby shampoo or dishwashing soap.

Clean The Straps

Soak the straps into a tub of warm water with detergent in it. make sure the water is warm enough to keep the straps soaked in for at least 20 minutes without getting cold. Straps have buckles attached to it and you don’t want them to rust. Use an old toothbrush to rub it on the straps and buckles so that every dirt particle with get removed. Clean every nook and corner of the straps, and rub it with both your hands for the final cleanup. Now, wash the straps with clean water, and let them dry.


These are the general instruction for washing your car seat straps. However, if your car seat manufacturer has provided you with an instruction manual, wash your car straps according to that. Sometimes, washing can cause some kind of tear. In those cases, this rethreading guide will assist you.

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