How To Get Gum Off Car Seat?

What can be more frustrating than getting your car seat ruined by chewing gum? Well, not anymore because removing gum off your car seat is actually possible. You don’t need to spend more on replacing your car seat and upsetting your budget.

Gum stuck on your car seat is one of the many accidents that can happen with your car’s interior. Not only will it damage your car seat, but also stick to anyone who sits on it. It is always advisable to take rapid measures to get it off the car seat before the situation worsens.

There are different methods of getting gum off your car seat instead of replacing it with a new one. Obviously, you don’t want your upholstery to be ruined while removing the gum. Following detailed is a detailed cleaning guide through which you can easily get gum off the car seat without damaging the fabric.

Ways To Get Gum Off Car Seat

Here are some of the tried and tested methods that are proved to be effective in getting the gum off your car seat.

First, Let Us Have A Look At The Things You Will Be Needing For The Procedure.

Things You Will Be Needing

Keep all the following things by your side before removing gum off your car seat:

  1. Adhesive remover
  2. Cleaning cloth or towel
  3. Gloves
  4. Ice
  5. Leather cleaner
  6. Plastic bag
  7. Plastic scraper
  8. Soapy water
  9. Tape
  10. Toothbrush

1. Using Ice

The easiest and most budget-friendly way to remove gum from your car seat is by using ice. Bring some ice cubes and put them in a plastic bag. If you have access to any other cold product such as compressed air, you can use that too. Cold things harden the gum and make it easier to remove. Place the plastic bag filled with ice on the leather, and rub it in the affected area for 2 to 3 minutes. Keep repeating the process until the gum becomes cold and hard.

Keep a towel or cloth by your side to wipe off the water dripping from the ice. Water dripping on the car seat fabric can leave it stained.

2. Scrape The Gum Off

Use a plastic scraper, and start to peel off the gum. There are probabilities that the gum will start breaking off. Don’t stop scraping until its completely off. If the gum starts to become soft again, rub the ice bag on it again, and then repeat the scraping process.

3. Use Tape For The Leftover Gum

For the remaining parts of the gum that have left behind while scraping, use tape. It is possible that the residues of the gum will still be stuck. To make sure that these gum residues don’t damage your car seat, apply tape on the area and pull it off. Repeat the process until the gum is completely removed from the seat.

4. Adhesive Removers

If the tape method isn’t working effectively, you can always switch to adhesive removers. Be sure that the remover is leather-friendly. Apply it on the gum and rub vigorously on the rag. The gum will be off the seat within no time.

5. Clean The Seat

Once the gum is totally removed from the car seat, use a damp cloth with some soap, and clean the seat so that no chemical from the adhesive remover stays behind.  If you have a leather car seat, then you can use leather cleaning liquid and wipe the seat with its help. Make sure to dry the seat after cleaning.


There are so different other alternatives as well. If the tape and adhesive remover isn’t working, you can also count on a sponge and vinegar. Everyone wants a clean car’s interior, and with this guide, you will get what you desire for.

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