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How To Dispose Of Car Seat

So, your kid has just started to outgrow the best car seat you are already using and you don’t plan for another baby right away.

Or maybe the car seat has just reached its life expectancy. Have you ever thought about how you are going to get rid of this useless car seat now? Well, if dumping car seats was so easy, the trash and junkyards would have been filled with baby car seats. You would have been seeing landfills of hundreds of car seats.

Most of the parents find throwing away the car seats as a better option. However, there are a lot of other options that are more worthy of just throwing the car eats away. So, why don’t you just put them in the garage until you read further and decide what more can you do with your expired or useless car seats instead of throwing them?  

How To Know If Your Car Seat Should Be Disposed Of

There are so many signs that will help you in determining the fact that your car seat is not longer useful for you. Some of the major signs are as follows:

  1. The car seat has been under a crash
  2. The manufacturer’s lifetime limit has exceeded
  3. The latch has become lose
  4. The straps are withering away
  5. The child is outgrowing the car seat
  6. The newer version of your baby’s car seat provided upgraded safety
  7. It has started to break and crack

How To Dispose Of Your Car Seat

If you have a car that is still not expired and haven’t met any serious car accident, there are several ways through which you can get rid of your car seat.

However, if your car seat is broken, expired or unusable, the dumping zone is the only resort you have. Following detailed are all the methods through which you can easily dispose your car seat without making it a pain in the heart.

Contact New Parents

What can be better than helping out in the expenses of the new parents you know? If there are new parents in your family, neighbourhood, or friend circle who are looking for a nice car seat for there baby, you can offer them your baby’s car seat that is still reusable.

Car seats are mandatory for newborns to school going kids but they are expensive. It is better to give away the car seat from which your baby has outgrown instead of wasting it.

In a few cases, they may not accept it because few brands offered under $100, which is also budget friendly for everyone. But still, asking them is not a bad option.

Put The Seat On Donation

There are hundreds and thousands of parents who cannot afford the extra expenses of buying new car seats with the growing age of their babies. According to the traffic rules and regulatory laws, a kid must be settled in a car seat according to his age.

It means that special infant car seats are designed for newborns, toddlers, and school going children separately. However, some companies manufacture convertible car seats that are all in one. So if you have such a car seat, better to donate than waste. Also, guide them with installation manual.

Drop It On A Recycling Center

When your car seat becomes useless after a car crash or damage, the best thing to do is contact your nearest local recycling centre and leave your car seat there.

The recycling centre will tell you about the parts that are recyclable and will throw away the non-recyclable parts of your baby’s car seat.

Trade The Car Seat

Superstores like Walmart offer value added trading programs on different products. By becoming a part of these programs, you can easily trade your old and unusable car seat with a brand-new convertible car seat for your growing toddler.


We hope that after all these options by your side, you will rethink before just dumping away the car seats in which you have invested a lot. It is always better than someone else get the benefit of their child’s safety from your reusable car seat that you were about to dispose of. Isn’t it?

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