Graco Highback Turbo Booster Car Seat Review

Do you think it’s time for your child to sit in a different car seat? Have you been searching for a reliable booster car seat for your kid, but still had no luck with it? The truth is, there are so many booster seat brands out there, but it can be a tough decision to select a worthy one for your child.

So, to make things easier for you and your kid, why not go with Graco? Yes, Graco is one of the leading brands for car seats in the entire market, and you can easily find your ideal car seat from Graco within a matter of minutes.

Now, let’s talk about the best Graco booster seat suitable for your child – the Graco HighbackTurbobooster Car seat. In this review, you will discuss everything about this booster seat model, and your decision-making skills will improve.

Usually, booster car seats come in use when the child becomes 4yrs or older than that. Somehow, the booster seat will stick with your family until your child becomes 10 yrs old, isn’t that wonderful? This is the basic specialty of booster car seats. Even if your child becomes older than 10, you can pass the seat onto another child of yours.

There are various important aspects to consider before you buy a booster car seat for your child, yet the Graco HighbackTurboBooster car seat fulfills all of these requirements; it has cleared all the safety standards, accommodates children at a certain level of age with full comfort and safety, ideal for most vehicles, cost-effective, comfortable, nice and easy to use belt strap, a safety LATCH system, easily adjustable, lightweight – easy to carry out and in of the vehicle.

This Graco car seat is suitable for children under 30-100 pounds or 4-10yrs. It is a very popular choice among most parents who prioritize safety, comfort, affordability, lightweight, and something that will be a partner to their child for as long as they need it.

Check the Latest Graco Highback Turbo Booster Car Seat Review

Graco HighbackTurbobooster Car Seat

  • Simple to use
  • Ideal for children under 30-100 lbs or 4-10yrs
  • Lightweight
  • One of the top-rated booster seats among consumer publications
  • Created to provide comfort
  • Can be converted into a backless booster seat as well
  • Meets all the safety standards
  • Crash-test certified
  • Cost-effective
  • Is not compatible with car seat latch
  • Not suitable for cars with a forward headrest

Quick Features

1. HighBack Booster

With the highback booster, children under 30-100 pounds can be adjusted easily with the maximum amount of comfort. Plus, one can even increase the belt guide according to the shoulder height. As long as your child is four years or above that, the booster seat will offer everything it has to your child.

2. Backless Booster

The backless booster can accommodate children under 100 pounds, and under 40” to 57” in height. Children should stay in booster seats until the seatbelt reaches over their shoulders, flat on the thighs, and across the chest.

3. Back Support

The Graco Highback turbo booster car seat grows with your child and offers full coverage in terms of back support.

On the other hand, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics – AAP, children should take advantage of the pre-installed harness system until they reach to the forward-facing stage or height for their vehicle, and after they completely transform into the forward-facing stage, the children should be seated into a belt-required booster seat.

4. LATCH Attachment

Thanks to the LATCH system, there is a weight limit, and those who use the booster seat will overcome the weight limit of the LATCH system. In these kinds of situations, it is suggested to use the car’s seat belt.

There are some car seats specifically designed to fit only average children, and not to fulfill their particular needs. On the other hand, some car seats do offer special features for your child. But, when the latch system is being used, your child will be seated safely and comfortably without any discomfort.

5. Connection Of Bottom and Belt

The bottom of the car seat and the seat belt remain connected to each other, which makes it very easy to carry.

6. Multi-Layered Headrest

The multi-layered headrest works offer the best kind of support to your child. It can easily be converted into a backless booster seat to accommodate the coming years of your child’s use.

7. ProtectPlus Technology

Thanks to the Graco ProtectPlus Engineering methods, your child is protected from the frontal, rear, rollover, and side crashes.

Marilyn, a regular Graco customer, admires the Highback turbo booster car seat because it guarantees her child’s support and safety with the ProtectPlus technology.


HighBack turbo booster form Graco is indeed the best option to go for when it comes to your toddler protection while travelling. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and grab this masterpiece of protection for your child.

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