5 Best Graco Convertible Car Seat 2020 | Review & Expert Opinion

It is not difficult to get your hands-on baby gear, but it is difficult to find a product that multitasks. For every parent, it is a huge win to find baby gear that does it all.

Therefore, the hunt for the best convertible car seat is a similar challenge.

For all babies, a convertible car seat begins with a rear-positioning system, and for older children, the position can be shifted to front-facing as well.

Plus, some convertible seats can also be used as booster seats for school-going kids. Still, most parents prefer to purchase separate booster seats to get ultimate back-support or to seat the younger sibling in the convertible seat.

When it comes to which one is the best brand, then there comes a lot of brands in your mind. But, the most popularly recognized brand for babies is Graco. For years, Graco has been providing parents with some of the best baby gear products.

Graco has manufactured plenty of convertible car seats, booster car seats, infant car seats, etc. Basically, every product of Graco reflects support, comfort, and reliability. So, if you wish to shop for a convertible seat in the Graco section, then you are most likely to get what you want.

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Check the List of 5 Best Graco Convertible Car Seat 2019

Without any hustle and bustle, you can find the best Graco convertible car seat for your child. Here, we have tested and reviewed some of the five best Graco convertible car seats for babies. Keep reading, and you will be surprised to see the benefits you can get from every Graco baby gear.

Let’s Have A Look At The Top Five Graco Convertible Car Seats For Children.

1.Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat

Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat

  • Front and rear-facing modes
  • Ease of installment
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable cover
  • Ten years of use
  • Harness storage
  • Heavy
  • Not easy to move from one place to another

Quick Features

  1. Warranty: The 4Ever 4-in-1 convertible car seat offers ten years of usage, combined with front and rear-facing modes, and a booster seat transformation.
  2. ProtectPlus: Thanks to the Graco ProtectPlus technology, your child will be protected inside, rollover, rear, and frontal crashes.
  3. Harness: You can be able to change the headrest with ten different positions to make sure that your child is fitted securely.
  4. RapidRemove cover: You can remove the seat cover easily for washing purposes.
  5. Integrated Seat belt system: The integrated seat belt system ensures the installation process and helps to adjust the convertible seat with the car seat belt as well.

It is clear to us how tough it is to find a convertible seat for a child of any age. With a lot of options available, it is vital to find a car seat that suits your requirements. Not to sugarcoat, but Graco is literally the best baby gear brand compared to others.

Thanks to the Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 convertible car seat, you’ll be able to provide maximum support to your child during ever drive.

This car seat is delivered to your doorsteps in a huge box, and it comes with a few accessories needed to fit your child in the perfect position. It contains the inserts required for fitting infants and older kids as well. Without a doubt, it is the best Graco convertible car seat that offers growing features, like your child.

According to Graco’s estimate, this convertible car seat can be with your child until the age of ten. Other than that, it contains both rear and front-facing modes and a full-back booster seat mode for older kids. This model is kind of similar to the Graco Grows 4Me and the Graco 4Ever but still has its differences.

2.Graco Extend2Fit 3 In 1 Car Seat

Graco Extend2Fit 3 In 1 Car Seat

  • Six-position recline
  • LATCH system
  • Ten headrest positions
  • Cup holders
  • Machine washable
  • Ten years of use
  • Steel reinforced structure
  • The rear-facing mode takes a lot of space
  • It is difficult to reattach the cover to the front

Quick Features

  1. Three-in-one: The title means that this seat can provide rear, forward, and booster seat modes.
  2. Recline positions: Thanks to the four-reclining positions, your child can easily get through long drives with maximum comfort.
  3. Installment: The Latch system ensures proper installment.
  4. Harness: The safe adjusting harness feature helps to adjust the height of the headrest and the harness with minimum rethreading.

What’s the most common thing parents say when their toddler comes of age? “What about the legs? They look uncomfortable, right?” Well, Graco has changed that point of view of parents by manufacturing the Graco Extend2Fit 3 In 1 Car Seat.

The Graco professionals have designed a unique way to make sure that the children feel comfortable with moving their legs as much as they want. This Graco seat can accommodate a 50lbs child, combined with two cup holders. We call it the best Graco convertible car seat for a reason. Your children will receive both rear and forward-facing modes, with a booster back for older kids as well.

Furthermore, it is very easy to install the Graco Extend2Fit 3 In 1 Car Seat with the rear-facing mode. The passage of the belt is quite small, and the removable cover is the ideal way to pull the anchor band into the belt and make sure that your child is seated perfectly.

3.Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

  • Has a steel-reinforced structure
  • Contains three different extension panels that offer five inches worth of legroom
  • Very comfortable and easy to place in the car
  • Has six different reclining positions
  • The cup holders are not already attached
  • Very heavy

Quick Features

  1. Rear-facing mode: The back-facing mode helps your child to stay focused and comfortable even on long car rides.
  2. Maintenance: The seat cover can be easily removed and washed.
  3. Standards of Safety: The Graco Extend 2Fit has passed all of the safety tests.
  4. Add-ons: Contains two cup holders.
  5. Harness: Thanks to the free harness storage feature, it is easy to get your child out and in the car seat.

If you want a convertible car seat that is feature-filled and affordable, then the Graco Extend 2Fit convertible car seat is perfect for you. Thanks to the four-position feature, users can extend the seat as much as they want to obtain as much as the legroom they want.

Any child under the age of two can enjoy the comforts and happiness the Graco Extend 2Fit convertible car seat has to offer. This car seat is very different compared to other car seats available in the entire market. 

The parents can purchase the Graco Extend 2Fit convertible car seat in two different modes: 1) Rear-positioned mode 2) Front-positioned mode. The Extend 2Fit is certified as a comfortable and reliable car seat for your child.

Plus, it is very easy to get your child inside and out from the seat. Thanks to the LATCH feature, it is very easy to install this convertible car seat. It is possible to call this the best Graco convertible car seat for children because it is absolutely the best. 

4.Graco Grows4Me 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

Graco Grows4Me 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

  • It is easy to convert between the two modes
  • Offers extensive rear-positioning
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • The headrest creates problems
  • Very heavy
  • The fabric is not easy to sit on
  • It is difficult to tighten the harness

Quick Features

  1. Front-positioning mode: The Front-facing mode is ideal for children who are less than 65 pounds.
  2. Rear-positioning mode: The rear-facing mode is ideal for children who are less than 40 pounds.
  3. Build: Contains a steel-reinforced structure that offers maximum strength and durability.
  4. Comfort: The EPS power absorbing system makes sure that your child sits perfectly.
  5. Safety Standards: This convertible car seat is crash certified to meet the requirements of the US child safety standards.

The thought of buying a comfortable car seat is associated with buying something that lasts for a long time and offers maximum comfort to your child. Considering the quality and number of features is very important.

Well, if you want something that suits all of the lines mentioned above and requirements, then the Graco Grows4Me 4-in-1 convertible car seat is what you need.

This car seat contains all of the needed features that are required for a child to have a good time during a long drive. Other than that, this convertible car seat is best for children who are less than 120 pounds. It comes under $100, which is very reasonable.

It is the best Graco convertible car seat because it is built with the best engineering technology and offers a lot of benefits to the seater. If you can manage to find a convertible car seat that meets all of the US safety standards like this one, you won’t find it, cause the Graco Grows4Me 4-in-1 convertible car seat is everything perfect.

5.Graco Atlas 65 2-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

Graco Atlas 65 2-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Headrest and harness
  • 10 Adjusting positions
  • Machine washable seat, harness and cover
  • After every wash, the seat loses its flair

Quick Features

  1. Accommodation: The Graco Atlas 65 convertible car seat can accommodate children between 22-100 pounds.
  2. Maintenance: A machine-washable harness, covers, and seat pad.
  3. Security: Side Impact protection for the security of the child.

The best part about the Graco Atlas Convertible Car seat is that it can be used with a highback kid booster seat and with a harness as well, but the demand usually changes when your child grows.

As we all know, the size of a child doesn’t remain the same; he/she grows with time, and with that being said, parents can adjust the headrest to five unique positions according to your child’s height. Other than that, the Graco Atlas Convertible Car Seat also offers an adjustable harness, and you can easily store the harness in a compartment when it is not being used.

This is the best Graco convertible car seat ever made, and the headrest and harness can be adjusted with ten levels of comfort to suit the Side impact protection of your child.

Once you install this seat into your car, you will receive a sense of satisfaction, and all your worries will fade. Rather than being reasonably priced, it meets your child’s requirements as well.  It is possible that you might not get such an amazing deal on any Graco convertible car seat than on this one. You can buy this product at $200.

This convertible car seat is a very reliable option when you have a compact budget, and you want something that ensures your child’s safety and comfort. Still, the parents need to perform a fitting test on their child with the seat to make sure it is of the perfect size.


In conclusion, Graco has provided parents with a lot of useful baby gear products. Graco is always the leading brand when it comes to baby gear. All of the Graco convertible car seats mentioned in this content are cost-effective, reliable, durable, amazing warranties, and are feature-filled. It is hard to say NO to Graco.

On the other hand, when it comes to choosing the best Graco convertible car seat, your options are plenty. Plus, our reviews will help you find the perfect seat for your little one. But, you need to know your requirements and your baby’s comfort zones. You can easily find a Graco convertible car seat under the best price. 

The bottom line is, Graco is the best brand for convertible car seats inside, and every product it offers fulfills every parent’s needs.

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