Graco Comfort Sport Convertible Car Seat Review

Graco ComfortSport Convertible Car Seat
Graco ComfortSport

Graco Comfort Sport Convertible Car Seat is especially designed not only for the safety of your baby but it has a very eye-catching appearance and unique style that makes it different from every other seat.

Graco is a very well-known company and it is very popular for making innovative products like car seats and baby swings. It is a very comfortable car seat with a weight of 12 lbs and it is suitable for babies from 5-30 lbs and older kids from 20-40 lbs.

It has been assembled, designed and tested in USA. All the Graco products are designed for the safety and comfort of your baby. It has versatile features that make it different from any other ordinary car seat.

Technical Details

Weight: 17 pounds
Product Dimensions: 18.5 x 20 x 26.5 inches
Minimum weight recommendation: 5 Pounds
Maximum weight recommendation: 40 Pounds
Batteries required: No

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  • Harness to adjust from the front
  • Foam that absorbs energy
  • Body Support
  • Removable head
  • Cup holder for the baby

The installation process of this seat is very straightforward. However, in case you have issues, it comes with a catalogue that gives the instructions in detail.

Graco Comfort Sport Convertible Car Seat cover machine is washable and it comes off very easily. The other parts may be cleaned with a wet cloth.And you can clean the buckle by a sponge.

You don’t have to use bleach to clean the baby seat; it might destroy the color and texture. Because of its light weight it is very easy to handle and you can carry it anywhere with you.

One of the minor concerns about this car is the unevenness of the shoulder straps, which some parents complain can be unsafe for the kids. One strap is always looser than the other. But this issue can be solved with the help of a hook.

Graco ComfortSport Convertible Car Seat

Moreover, it has a removable head pillow support for the comfort of your baby. It could be removed and then re attached if needed. Graco Comfort Sport Convertible Car seat meet U.S safety standards and it reassures the safety conscious parents.

One of the good things about this car seat is that it can be used on airplanes as it passes all tests that the airlines require a seat to pass to allow it onboard.

The Graco Comfort Sport Convertible Car Seat can be adjusted according to height and tightness so that the baby can settle in comfortably. Moreover, it is extremely affordable and it is one of the least expensive car seats.

It comes in different colors and fabrics depending upon what you like. It is a very light weight car seat as compared to other seats. Has two buckle positions for the protection of your baby which are very easy to access. You can adjust them according to your baby’s comfort and need.

Moreover, some Moms have reported that this car seat is not as comfortable for the baby as it should be but overall it works well and is worth the money.

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