Disney Pronto Booster Car Seat Review – Minnie Flower

Disney Pronto Booster Car Seat

Disney Pronto Booster Car Seat, Minnie Flower is a car seat that screams of comfort. It is great for the kids and has an adjustable back which is really good for the child. Also the fact that it come in such a pretty pattern is a great advantage.

Disney Pronto Booster Car Seat, Minnie Flower is a car seat that would attract all the baby girls and will be a great hit among them due to its pretty pink color and pattern of Minnie mouse and flowers.

The two patterns are printed on different covers and it is great that both of these can be purchased.

Disney Pronto Booster Car Seat, Minnie Flower has put a lot of parents at ease. The car seat has an adjustable headrest and can be adjusted to the child’s height. This car seat is made for kids who fall under 40 – 100 pounds so it is safe to say that it is good for an older child.

Also it is made in such a way that the back of the seat can be detached so as soon as your child is comfortable enough to sit without a back, it can be removed.

Minnie Mouse

Ffavorite of girls this age so they really love the pattern and it is pretty cute. Also it is easy to assemble, the instructions are simple enough and if a person goes step by step, he can easily get the whole thing together in no time.

The material of the car seat is really soft and the padding is comfortable which means it provides complete comfort to your child.

The car seat can appear flimsy sometimes but it’s not and works really well. There is a catch, however, a few mothers think that the headrest can be tricky and might not adjust properly to your baby’s needs and the belts too have to be attached and assembled and that is pretty hard to do.

Key Features!

  • It comes with two covers and both are adorable.
  • It is easy to carry around and can fit in the car easily.
  • The material is soft and the kids love it.
  • The padding provides complete comfort,
  • It comes with a food compartment.
  • The headrest is adjustable according to the baby.
  • Mothers think that the belts should be attached to the car seat as attaching them at home can be troublesome. Also, they believe that the head rest can be tricky and problematic.
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