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Children Friendly Things to Do in New York City

New York is one of the world’s biggest, most beautiful and popular cities that every fun-lover should
visit. This lively and bustling city has never bored its visitors on record, whether its kids, men or women,

New York City has always got something for its every traveler.

And when you are traveling with kids, let go of the worry that they will not be amused. Even the teens, who are proven to be very hard to be pleased with something, they aren’t going to forget their tours to this energetic place.

No matter how many days you have spent in this city visiting the most popular tourist attractions, restaurants, playlands, it will still feel like you have only scratched the surface.

New York City has got a big bunch of places that your kids will surely enjoy. It will take you 2 to 3 months to completely explore and enjoy the city and mark my words, you will not get bored.

But if you’ve got a little time, I will suggest you to visit these places that I have given below. you and your little ones will surely get a thrill out of these fabulous places.

These are the places you will like the most

Empire State Building

empire state building

Been to NYC? And haven’t visited the Empire State? Seriously! Then your whole tour means nothing. Mark this place on your Must-do list. You and your little people are really going to get a kick out of this 103 floored building that is known to be the heart of New York City.

You will enjoy strolling through the newly-restored Art Deco lobby. Children will love to find the scenes which appear in the movie classics “like King Kong” or “Sleepless at Seattle”. You will get to enjoy the panoramic view of the whole New York City with its skyline and central park.

Observing the desk and exploring the building will become more thrilling when you will download the free app that will play the audio tour in 9 different languages.

Children’s Museum of Manhattan

children's museum of manhattan

When traveling with a preschooler, every parent wants their children to enjoy the initial tours of their
lives. To make their trip to New York a rememberable one, the Children Museum of Manhattan will really play a major role.

The children will enjoy learning about science, culture, art, music, and history in the most amusing way. The museum is designed according to the latest Child Development Research. The museum has themed play areas, classes, workshops, and other interactive activities.

There are so many fun things in the museum for your child that it will become difficult for you to drag him out of it. The museum has a dance class that offers your child to dress up in their favorite cultural dress and shake their booties.

Whether your kids love Dora or not, but in this museum, they are really going to have fun exploring the world with Dora and Diego.

On the fourth-floor, children learn all about a healthy lifestyle by passing and crawling through a digestive tract that sometimes makes funny sounds of farts and burps which makes it a fun way to teach the child about digestion.

Along with this, there are many other things like nutritional vegetable superheroes and they also learn about energy and calories while ridding on stationary bikes. And at last, they are exited out in a giant toilet that makes the whole process fun and dirty.

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

madame tussauds wax museum

Families with older children should never miss the Madame Tussaud’s wax museum because they are
finally getting a chance to meet their favorite celebrity.

Whether it is Donald Trump, Michael Jackson or all kids favorite Shrek, there is every personality in the wax form that your child had ever wished to meet. It just feels like real when you and your kids are taking pictures and selfies with their favorite celeb.

Madame Tussauds wax museum covers a wide range of models of the world’s famous politicians, athletes, singers, actors, cartoons and movie characters. Along with these the Madame Tussauds museum in new, you also have some wax models of historical and cultural icons.

Central Park New York

Central Park New York

Parks are the children’s best friend. Even the most boring kid will enjoy going park. And when you are in New York, which will be the better park than the Central Park New York. One of the most entertaining places in NYC for the children and their parents.

It has got a big play area to keep your kids busy with the swings and slides. You and your kids can watch model boats and ducks floating over the lake and feed them at the lakeside. Or you can also take a ride on a ferry if your children are water-loving.

The kids love to play in the sandboxes and enjoy that big statue of Alice in wonderland’s characters. It becomes so unforgettable when parents take a long walk all around the park with their little ones, smelling beautiful flowers and taking pictures of every enduring moment.

Staten Island Ferry Trip

staten island ferry trip

A never to miss trip that will provide you and your kid a lovely ride between Staten Island and
Manhattan. The ferry ride covers 25 minutes that are long enough to amuse the little children.

What so special about this ride is that you get to take a close up look at the statue of liberty without paying any extra tickets. Ferry ride does not only offer a view of the statue of liberty but you can also catch some stunning views of lower Manhattan, Ellis Island, governors island and Brooklyn heights.

The ferry terminal has got some awesome restaurants, café, and other stores. It also has bench seats
and restrooms for its travelers.

Chelsea Piers Sports Field

chelsea piers

Chelsea piers offer a number of different sports activities for the children and adults who are looking for more fun and excitement throughout their whole tour. Chelsea Piers has got something for everyone, of all ages from toddlers to adults.

Some of its activities that you might like are batting cages, boat rides, golf driving range, scavenger hunt, ice skating, rock climbing, bubble soccer, and bowling.


In this article, I have provided you with the places to visit in NYC that are on the top of my list. its 100 percent guaranteed that you and the little guys are really going to have a lot of fun.

good luck!

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