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Best Tips to Get Your Newborn to Sleep at Night

Are you enjoying your little gift? Babies are a real blessing from God but this blessing turns into trouble at night. You would never wish to have such restless nights.

Don’t worry, everyone has to pass through this stage of life when the baby doesn’t sleep at night. But the worst part is, he doesn’t even let you sleep.

This is one of the common problems with the parents of a newborn. It mostly happens to the baby for the first 3 months. The reason is: he is not used to life outside the womb.

Produce White Noise

After birth, the baby goes through many physical and environmental changes that have a major effect on sleep. Out here, there are many things that are really unfamiliar to the baby, the biggest thing is “sound”.

He is used to the sound which is much heavier than the vacuum cleaner. But what we do is “shhh, Be quiet, the baby is sleeping”.

Just try to make some white noise around your child while sleeping. It really soothes the baby. In fact, it can even soothe you. You should try it for yourself.

Clear the Difference Between Day and Night

Another thing is the light. Baby does not know the difference between the night and day which disturbs the sleeping routine. At night, you should try to make a completely dark environment.

Try not to turn on the light on and off again and again. The baby gets confused through this. In the day time, even if the baby is sleeping, do not put him in the dark.

And take the baby out for a while and expose him to the natural light, so that he can get used to it. It will help the baby set his routine.

Get to Know the Reason

There are also other reasons that keep a child from sleeping at night. You have to figure it out.

It can be some kind of stomach problem. The major issues with the newborn are gas and colic problems, which leads to constant crying. Or can be other muscular pain that is hard to identify.

Here I have some tips for you that I have personally experienced. I hope that they will be of some help to you

Do Not Overtired Your Baby

newborn taking nap

Let the baby get his daytime sleep. What most mothers do is that if their babies are having a problem in sleeping at night. They make them awake all day having a thought that they will sleep instantly due to all day tiredness.

As a result, the baby gets angry and cranky. He seems like a bear with a sore head. Now he is out of your control. But one thing you should consider is that; don’t let him sleep in the evening.

He becomes fresh after taking his nap before night comes. Now he is not in the mood of sleeping at night. The best time to nap your baby is afternoon.

Buy a Comfortable Car Seat

newborn sleeping in car seat

If you are on travel along with your little tut, give him a proper comfortable and calm environment by putting him in an infant car seat.

There are many car seats out in the market which are designed with accordance with your babies. So don’t forget buying an infant car seat while traveling.

Swaddle Your Baby

swaddled baby

Another thing includes is swaddling. It makes the baby feels like he is still in the womb. Swaddle your baby before putting him to sleep and cuddle him a lot.

Your baby will feel much safer with this. It will soothe your child. The warmth and the smell of the mother will comfort the baby and he is likely to go in sleep.

Give Your Child A Bedtime Bath

giving bath to newborn

Give your baby a proper bedtime routine. Give him a bath before putting him to bed. Babies like the sensation of water even if they cry a lot. It reminds them of the womb.

They feel relax and drowsy. All experts agree on this trick. Change the diaper before sleeping. Try not to do it when he is already asleep. It will really disturb him and you will again get a not sleeping baby.

Fill up their Tummy

feeding the newborn

Tummy happy, mummy happy!

As for the newborn babies, they need to eat, sorry drink, after every two to three hours. So keep filling up their tummies. Never let them sleep hungry at night. Feed them before putting them to bed.

This will make them sleep longer. Also, try to dream-feed them. This will ensure that your baby does not wake up hungry in the middle of the night.

Avoiding Consuming Caffeine

mother drinking coffee

If the mother is drinking coffee or tea, quit it, especially at night. When you breastfeed your baby, the caffeine makes its way through the breast and mixes up with the milk.

As a result, your baby also consumes caffeine, which keeps him from sleeping at night.

Try to Stay Calm

annoyed mother due to cranky baby

If your baby is not sleeping, don’t get upset and cranky. Just try to stay calm. Soothe and cuddle your baby.

The baby recognizes every emotion of her mother through her body language. The moment you become upset, your child will become more furious and disturbing.

Do Not Make Direct Eye Contact with the Baby

eye contact of mother and baby

If your baby wakes up in the middle of the night. Do not make eye contact with him. Not even talk and kiss. Just soothe the baby and feed him.

He won’t get disturbed and will fall into sleep faster. Try not to expose your baby to the light if he awakes in the middle of the night. It will make him think that it is a day.

He will become fresh and it will become harder for you to put him in the sleep again.

Don’t Make Your Baby Sleep on Your Lap

newborn sleeping on lap

It doesn’t matter if your baby has slept in your lap. But do not make it his habit. Once he gets used to it, it will become hard for you to put him in the crib or on the bed.

He won’t get his sleep if he is not in your arms, as a result his sleep at night will be disturbed.


Sleeping at night is really important for babies as their growing speed becomes fast during sleep. So, I will hope that my tips will be beneficial for you.

Try to follow these tips gradually on your baby, as he is not used to them. He might get upset if you try all these things in one day.

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