10 Best Recaro Baby Car Seat Review [Update 2020]

Editor’s Note: These car seats are no longer available on Amazon (Mostly). Following a recall of 173,000 car seats in 2015, Recaro decided to no longer do business in North America. [January 1, 2020 Update]

Your child is your whole world and his safety means a lot to you. Keeping him safe and secure is one of your top priorities.

While moving between homes, the grocery store and during vacation, ensure that your child is protected with an ergonomic car seat.

When it comes to car seats, safety and comfort are two factors to consider. While I am not going to drive into a wall to test the safety features, I trust Recaro’s car seats as they claim to rigorously test their products.

They are famous for making racing cars and I feel very confident while reviewing Recaro car seats.

After reviewing all Recaro Baby Car Seats, I came up with 10 best Recaro Baby car seats. So let’s dive deep to explore some features of each. 

1. Recaro Young Sport Hero

Recaro Young Sport Hero

  • Safe
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Machine washable covers
  • Lasts for many years
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Bulky straps
  • The buckle is a bit awkward
  • Fiddy to reattach a seat cover
  • Straps can twist
  • Recline function a bit pointless

Quick Features

  1. 5-point harness system: The central harness adjuster guide enables the baby to be secure and fix him firmly into the seat
  2. Seating foam: Seating foam perfectly adapts to the child’s body shape which provides him the highest level of comfort
  3. Coated belt tongues: They reduces the heating effect and prevent your baby’s delicate skin from getting hurt in the scorching sun
  4. Seat reducer: A seat reducer is installed for an optimal ergonomic fit for babies
  5. Marked belt guide: A complete installation guide is facilitated by red belt guide marking which helps correct installation.
  6. Unbreakable armrests: these comfortable and unbreakable armrests make sitting easy for your child throughout the journey.
  7. Air ventilation system: the amazing passive air ventilation system makes long journeys pleasant for your little baby.

The Recaro Young Sport Hero is a comfortable and portable car seat with a rear-facing which is used for the children from 9 months to 12 years and for 9kg-36 kg of weight.

With 5-point central harness systems, it simply adjusts to your vehicle and adapts firmly with the body of your baby which hives him secure and comfortable feel. If you are worried about your child’s safety, this car seat will be the best choice for you.

Its high-quality seating foam, coated belt tongues, and air ventilation system are just amazing that will add extra care and protection for your child during long travels.

This is really easy to install and lightweight. Though the buckles are a little bit awkward but it will not be a loss if you get a hight quality seat at a low price. 

If you don’t have inclination or money to buy a new seat for your growing children, yet doesn’t compromise on safety and comfort, this Recaro Young Sport seat will be the best pick for you. 

2. Recaro Monza Nova Evo

Recaro Monza Nova Evo

  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to fit
  • High adjustable harness increases your child’s safety
  • Lack of fancier features

Quick Features

  1. Advance side protection: Monza Nova Evo gives greater protection in the event of a side-impact collision which is, in fact, a great feature.
  2. Seating Foam: comfortable seating foam gives ergonomic support that ideally adapts to the shape of your child’s body and makes him comfortable.
  3. High adjustable harness: An 11 seats adjustable harness makes your child secure and firm throughout traveling.
  4. An intelligent ventilation system: This amazing ventilation system makes the journeys pleasant even on longer routes.
  5. Reinforced armrests: This optimal protection reinforced armrests around the child’s hips which makes sitting easy for your child throughout the journey.

The Recaro Monza Nova Evo is an ideal second seat. It is a lightweight and

2/3 high back booster seat. Though it lacks some fancier features you’ll find on other Recaro Monza Nova models but this basic child car seat looks pretty easy to install in vehicles.

With advance side protection, Monza Nova Evo gives maximum protection in the event of side collision which makes it the best 2nd child seat.

Moreover, its amazing high-quality seating foam provides comfortable seating with ergonomic support that easily fits your child’s body and gives him more comfort and protection. 

Another amazing feature which you would definitely like is its reinforced armset. This reinforced armset fits around the child’s hips and makes sitting easy for him which results a calm sleep. Its adjustable harness is just another outstanding feature that will be the right fit for your little one. 

If you are looking for high quality, comfortable car seat for your child I will personally recommend Monza Nova Evo. 

3. Recaro Monza Nova 2

  • Good safety rating
  • Well padded
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • The sound system is excellent
  • A lit bit bulky
  • Not stable when not using ISOFIX

Quick Features

  1. Height-adjustable headrest: High adjustable harness with 11 settings, ergonomic seating position from 3.5 to 12 years babies.
    Reinforced armrests: this amazing feature gives more protection from the hip area which gives your child a comfortable sitting
  2. Air ventilation system: This amazing passive air ventilation system makes sitting pleasantly for your baby throughout the journey. 
  3. Sound System: Audio connection, integrated loudspeaker and device pouch for high entertainment are just amazing features. 
  4. Seating foam: This comfortable ergonomic seating foam perfectly adopts your child’s body shape and gives him the highest level of security and comfort.
  5. Integrated head cushion: For a comfortable and calm sleep, Monza Nova 2 comes with integrated head cushions which confirm the highest comfort while sleeping.
  6. Universal installation: installation is very easy as you can install this car seat in the car without ISOFIX by using the car seat belt.
  7. Belt Guide: Complete assistance for correct installation is facilitated by belt guide markings.
  8. Integrated Seatfix connectors: these connectors fasten the baby seat into the car by using integrated Seatfix connectors.
  9. Advanced Side Protection (ASP): These side protectors which are made of Advance Side Protection absorb the energy in case of an accident.

Monza Nova 2 comes up with amazing safety features that ensure your child’s safety and comfort.

My little one likes it the most as the sound system is amazing with audio connection, integrated loudspeaker and device pouch which provide him high-quality entertainment.

I found its advanced side protection simply outstanding. I remember the moment when I came across a horrible car accident but, thanks to Monza Nova’s car seat and its amazing side protection feature’ which saved my little one from getting hurt. 

Another worth stating feature which makes Monza nova a wise pick is its head cushions which are not only soft and comfortable but they are also washable and easy to change.

Though it is lit bit bulky and not stable without ISOFIX, these reasons are not sufficient enough to leave this product. 

4. Recaro Monza Nova IS

  • Ergonomic seat
  • Adjustable headset in 11
  • Excellent value of money
  • Removable safety cushion and mattress
  • Integrated speakers in the headrest
  • Red indicator correct installment guide
  • Breathable fabric
  • Washable and removable headcover
  • ASP advanced protection system in the event of a side collision
  • Passive air ventilation system which makes seat breathable
  • Seatfix connectors for maximum safety
  • No ISOFIX attachment are available

Quick Features

  1. Reinforced armrests: just for your child’s security, Monza Nova IS comes with reinforced armrests that ensure maximum security of your child throughout the long journey. 
  2. Universal installation: installation is very simple as this car seat can be installed without using ISOFIX by using the vehicle’s seat belt.
  3. Seating foam: High-quality seating foam perfectly adapts to your baby’s body, providing him the highest level of comfort.
  4. Integrated Seatfix connectors: These connectors simply fasten the baby’s seat and ensure the highest level of security and comfort.
  5. Marked belt guide: The correct installation facility by red belt marking guide is available for your ease which makes this seat a good purchase. 

The Recaro Monza Nova IS Seatfix offers the best comfort and perfect protection from your child’s 9 months to 3.5 years.

This car seat grows with your baby and ensures the maximum level of protection throughout the child’s car seat period. In this period, the ergonomic impact shield which is made up of energy-absorbing high-quality material creates the forces which create a frontal impact in a large area and makes the climate pleasant for the child.

This seat uses a 3 point harness belt which ensures a maximum level of security for your little one and to gain even more safety. You can easily connect ISOFIX connectors with your vehicle’s seat quickly and easily. The connectors can be easily retraced to the seat as well.

The headrest can be adjusted in 11 different positions and it can be adapted to your child’s size giving him a comfortable and calm nap.

During sleep, you can adjust the depth of headset which will prevent your child’s head from tilting. Monza Nova IS Seatfix comes with lateral impact ribs. 

This high-quality support foam absorbs the forces that occur in the event of a side collision and distributes the energy effectively. Due to breathable covers and the fluted molded foam, the Monza Nova IS provides your child with comfortable seating and optimum air circulation.

5. Recaro Mako

  • High adjustable headrest
  • High quality upholstered with memory foam which adapts with your baby’s body
  • Backrest with recline better accommodate the child while moving
  • ISOFIX connectors make installment easy
  • I-size for extra safety
  • Shoulder protectors
  • Adaptive backrest
  • A bit bulky

Quick Features

  1. Height-adjustable headrest: This feature is simply amazing as it offers simple and individual adjustment for your growing child and provides him an ergonomic sitting position throughout the journey. 
  2. ISOFIX connectors: Quick and secure placement of ISOFIX in the vehicle is also an amazing feature which ensures the security of your child. 
  3. Seating foam: This high standard seating foam perfectly adjust to your baby’s body shape and ensures the highest level of comfort. 
  4. Advanced Side Protection (ASP): The amazing and protective side wings featured by integrated ASP systems absorb the force in case of an accident and protect your child. 
  5. I-Size: For maximum security and protection, this car seat is tested and approved with the newest standard (UN R129)
  6. Shoulder protectors:  These protectors ensure maximum security of your child and save him in the event of a side collision. 
  7. Adaptive backrest: These adaptive backrests follow the contours of your car seats. 

Mako car seat by Recaro comes with amazing safety feathers making it the best choice of insecure and safety-conscious parents.

One of its outclass safety features is its High adjustable headset which will probably inspire you as it gives individual adjustment for your growing child by an ergonomic sitting position throughout the travel. 

For your peace of mind, I will tell you that Mako car seats are tested and approved with the newest standard (UN R129). For more protection, Advance Side Protection is also there. These side wings featured by the ASP system absorbs the force in warm-hot days and gives your child a comfortable feel. 

If you are planning a trip and worried about your child’s safety and comfort, don’t forget to buy Mako Elite car seat and make your travel memorable and comfortable at the same time.

6. Recaro Mako Elite

  • Integrated sound system with much entertainment
  • Passive air ventilation system giver higher level of comfort
  • Advanced lateral protection absorbs the energy and gives the child comfort
  • Adjustable headset
  • Side with intelligent protection system grows with the child
  • Soft foam with memory effect adjusts with the child’s body
  • Extensible footrest
  • Adaptive backrest
  • ISOFIX connectors
  • Installation is lit bit tricky
  • Hard to uncover for cleaning
  • Seat straps are thin and can bend easily

Quick Features

  1. Extendable leg rest: These features can be adapted to your child’s size and gives him optimal support. 
  2. Adaptive backrest: This adaptive and comfortable backrest the contours of your car’s seat. 
  3. Seating foam: Amazing and high-quality seating foam perfectly adapts to your baby’s body shape and provides him with the highest level of comfort and security. 
  4. ISOFIX connectors: These connectors give fast, secure and quick placement and stabilization of your child’s seat in the car. 
  5. Optimal Stabilization: Quick and secure placement and optimal stabilization of the child seat in the vehicle

Even when your child grows up, the need for safety remains constant. For safety-conscious parents, Recaro presents Ricardo Mako Elite. It is compatible with your child if he is approx. 3.5 to 12 years. It gives the finest protection to your child while traveling. 

One of its amazing feature which makes it the best pic is its smart openings on the outer shell which ensure optimal air circulation and protects your child from getting warm in hot days. 

For your joy, I am excited to tell you that it has an inbuilt sound system that will enhance your trip by its amazing entertainment. 

If you are deciding to buy a comfortable and safe car seat for your little one, don’t forget to buy Recardo Mako Elite in spite of the fact that it is hard to uncover and clean.

7. Recaro Monza Nova Evo Seatfix

  • Easy to recline
  • Comfortable
  • Never get sweaty
  • Lightweight
  • The inbuilt sound system is great
  • High quality
  • Stylish
  • Fairly heavy and awkward to carry
  • Pricy

Quick Features

  1. Seating foam: High quality and comfortable seating foam perfectly adapts with your child’s body shape and provide him with maximum comfort and security throughout the journey. 
  2. Height-adjustable headrest: This Ergonomic seating feature with height-adjustable headrest positions from 3.5 to 12 years. That is adjustable with 11 settings. 
  3. Universal installation: One more amazing thing is that you can install it in your vehicle without ISOFIX by using the car seat belt. 
  4. Reinforced armrests: This amazing feature offer maximum protection in the hip area and gives comfortable sitting for older children. 
  5. Air ventilation system: This outclasses passive air ventilation system makes sitting pleasantly throughout the journey. 
  6. Integrated Seatfix connectors: These connectors simply fasten your child for maximum ease and security. 
  7. Advanced Side Protection (ASP): This outclass Advanced Side Protection system secures your child in the event of a side collision. 
  8. Marked belt guide: installation is very easy and quick by red belt guide markings. 

The Ricaro Monza Nova car seat comes with comfort and built-in sound system which makes it the best amongst parents and children as well.  It is simply interesting to know that since it launched in 2008, its demand has been double which is really anticipated. 

The seat is favorite for me as it comes with an adjustable high back booster that gives my child an amazing side impact protection in the chest and shoulder area. Side boosters and energy-absorbing foams are just a miracle!

Moza nova seatfix offers Seatfix arms that are easy to fit with IsoFix. This excellent feature gives this car seat maximum protection in case of an accident. And one thing more, a 3-point seat belt that fits well with your child’s body. 

If you are looking for a high-quality car seat with maximum comfort and security, don’t miss Recardo Nova Seatfix. 

8. Recaro Monza Nova 2 Seatfix

  • Safe and comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Value for money
  • ISOFIX settings make it easy to install
  • Hand covers are removable
  • Nice finish and soft padding
  • In-built speakers
  • Good support and padding
  • Speakers are not so loud and close enough

Quick Features

  1. Height-adjustable headrest: Ergonomic Height adjustable seating positions from 3.5 to 12 years children. This headrest is adjustable with 11 settings. 
  2. Sound System: Sound system is just amazing with audio connection, integrated loudspeakers and device pouch for the finest entertainment.
  3. Reinforced armrests: This high tech reinforced harness ensures security and protection for your child throughout long journeys. 
  4. Air ventilation system: This air ventilation system makes journeys more pleasant. 
  5. Seating foam: The high-quality seating foam ensures your child maximum comfort. 
  6. Integrated head cushion: These cozy and integrated adjustable cushions give your child comfortable and calm sleep. 
  7. Advanced Side Protection (ASP): This amazing feature protects your child in the event of a side collision. 
  8. Universal installation:  You can simply install this car seat in your vehicle without using the ISOFIX system by using the vehicle’s seat belt. 
  9. Marked belt guide: This guide makes the installation easy by red belt guide markings. 
  10. Integrated Seatfix connectors: By simply fastening your child into the car seat, these connectors ensure the security of your child.

Monza Nova Evo is a great high back booster option for kids around 15-36 kg and 3 to12 years old. It has some of the great features as fixed armsets which added hip protection and side-impact protection as well.

As it is safe and secure, there are heaps of other features too which ensures your child’s safety and comfort-ability as well. 

Its headrest comes with 11 variant hight positions which makes it a perfect fit for your growing baby. The passive air ventilation system prevents overheating.

Moreover, if you like to enjoy music, it has inbuilt speakers in the headrest which are connected to an MP3 audio source and with an MP3 player pocket.

The seat is easy to fit and can be installed in a minute. Monza nova seat comes with Isofix guides which makes installation super easy. You can check whether the seat is fitted or not by color guides on the side of the seat.

Easy to use and install, and by offering amazing safety features, the Recaro Monza Nova 2 seat fix is a really fantastic option for you if you are looking for a high booster seat. 

9. Recaro Milano

  • Solid
  • Very sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Value of money
  • Easy to install
  • Energy-absorbing side impact protection
  • Soft padded seat cushions
  • Adjustable backrest reinforced back
  • Height adjustable headset
  • Fits simply in the vehicle
  • Removable and washable seat covers
  • Side impact protection
  • No cup holder
  • Belts get tangled
  • A bit heavy

Quick Features

  1. Adjustable Headrest: 6 positions height-adjustable headrest is another amazing feature that ensures an optimal fit. 
  2. Air Circulation System: The passive air ventilation system ensures comfort even on warm days and makes the car’s climate pleasant. 
  3. Optimal belt: This protective routing optimal seat belt prevents your baby’s soft skin irritation on the neck. 
  4. Large head and side bolster: Secures your child and provide him additional protection. 
  5. Seatfix connectors: Also available with Seatfix connection which ensures your child’s maximum safety.
  6. Integrated cushion: High quality integrated cushion seating is ergonomic and soft. 
  7. The practical handle: This features makes switching cars easy
  8. High Adjustable Headset: Six position height adjustable headrests is another amazing feature which makes car seat more comfortable. 

The Recardo Milano car seat is suitable for children of 3- 12 years with 15-36 kg of weight. This seat is designed to protect your child which is the core purpose of this seat. One of its amazing features is its 3 point belt which secures your child from head to hip area and back is reinforced with aluminum. 

These car chairs come with side impact protection which ensures your child’s safety.

Moreover, for optimum comfort, there are adjustable height positions in the arm seat, padded seat, and ventilation which allow air circulation and make climate much pleasant for your child by ensuring maximum comfort. 

Recaro Milano offers security, comfort, and style with side impact protection. Moreover, you will be pleased to know that Milano seats are easy to remove and washable too.

Another amazing feature of the washable seat is its air circulating system which makes it a perfect seat. Due to breathable fabric, it is suitable for your little one in warm days. 

Though it is a lit bit bulky and has not a cupholder, these reasons can’t stop you from buying this unique product.

10. Recaro Milano Seatfix

  • Side booster and large head for additional protection
  • 6 position the adjustable headset
  • Integrated seat fix connectors ensure safety
  • Optimal belt routing prevents skin from the sun
  • Washable seat covers
  • Fits simply in the vehicle
  • Soft padded seat cushions
  • The seat doesn’t recline

Quick Features

  1. Seatfix connection: This amazing seat comes with seat fix connection which gives it additional stability. 
  2. Side Bolsters: Large head and side bolster provide additional protection to your baby.
  3. Integrated seat fix connectors: Available with and without seat fix connectors that ensure safety. 
  4. Practical handle: It makes car switching easy.
  5. Optimal belt routing: It prevents skin irritation on the neck and protects your baby’s delicate skin in warm days. 
  6. Adjustable headrest: 6 positions height-adjustable headrest gives an optimal fit
  7. Air Circulation System: Passive air ventilation system ensures comfort even on warm days
  8. Adjustable Headset: Six position height adjustable headrests make your baby comfortable. 
  9. Integrated Foam: Perfect seating ergonomics due to breathable soft padding.

The Ricardo Milani Seatfix is a highback booster seat from 15-36kg of children. It has side boosters and a large head which provides extra protection for your child.

Moreover, another worth considering feature is its 6 points adjustable headset which gives additional protection to your child. Optional seat fix connectors are also there for added protection which secures the booster to the vehicle,s IsoFix “excellent for safety”.

Going forward, its comfortable seating is ergonomics due to breathable and soft padding. The breathable fabric makes an air circulation system which makes good passive ventilation and makes your child comfortable by not getting him a too warm while laying on the seat. 

If you are looking for a comfortable, soft and high-quality car seat for your child to ensure his comfort and security, Recaro Milano seat fix is the best pic for you.

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