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9 Must-Have Products for Your Babies

Preparing for the new member? Do you need a little help? Well, of course, you do. Every new parent needs help. Even when they are the parents of 3, if the fourth is coming, they will still need a helping hand.

I’m not talking about that kind of help like cleaning and washing or taking care of the baby, but a little assistance to let them know what stuff they should gather before their baby arrives.

New ones need stuff and a lot of stuff.

There is a large number of baby products that seem so cute and you don’t want to leave them behind. But, to be honest, it is not wise to store all those products. Let’s face it, it’s a complete waste of money, your baby will grow up in no time.

Newborns grow really fast, soon you won’t be needing those things because either your baby won’t fit in them or he will not be interested in them. So, it’s better to shop wisely for the new one, ask experienced people and adults or simply judge by your own experiences if you already have kids.

I have also gathered some information about baby products from some experts and experienced mommies.

Here are 10 products that you must-have for your newborn.

1. 2 in 1 Car Seat and Baby Stroller

2 in 1 baby car seat and stroller

Safety comes first than anything and besides, you are not even allowed to take the baby outside the hospital if you don’t have the car seat installed in your car. So, a car seat should be on the top of the checklist for baby essentials.

Not just because the law requires it but because your baby is safe in it, car accidents are the leading cause of infant deaths, in a car seat your baby has a 70% less chance of getting head, spinal and abdominal injuries.

Therefore, a car seat should be the first priority. After the car seat, your second major need is the pushchair. After all, it makes it easier for you to take your baby everywhere. But instead of buying a pushchair separately, you have the option of getting a 2 in 1 car seat and stroller.

It would be much better, it will require less space, it won’t need extra money and it would be easier for you to handle. There are some infant car seats that already comes with a stroller, but with some of them, you would have to buy the stroller separately.

2. White Noise Soothing Machine

white noise machine

One of the most-in-need devices, a soothing machine or a white noise machine often called a shusher. This magical machine is the biggest helper of parents when their baby is not falling asleep. Most parents have to face the problem of a colicky baby.

Some people don’t understand, why the baby is constantly crying without any reason. The reason behind this mystery is that a newborn is not used to the outside world and its different noises. He only knows the voices inside the womb and feels secure around those sounds.

After birth, a feeling of fear and insecurity is developed in him due to those totally unfamiliar voices. A white noise machine produces the sounds the same as in the womb so that a baby become relax and calm and easily fell in sleep.

3. Soft and Soothing Baby Wipes and Diaper Creams

baby wipes

Newborns are 10 times more sensitive than adults. Therefore, they need more sensitive care. Their
cleaning equipment shouldn’t contain alcohol and perfumes as they might cause allergies in them. Start making a stock of soft baby wipes whose fabric is a non-woven one.

The wipes must be scented but it should be kept in mind that the scent used in baby wipes must be non-alcoholic.

Then comes the diaper rash creams, newborns often gets diaper rashes, it is absolutely usual and are not very harmful, but it doesn’t mean that they should be left carefree, your handbag must contain a baby diaper rash cream all the time, because if not cared, that “not harmful rash” might cause a great problem.

4. Baby Clothing

baby clothing

After that comes the baby clothing, the most important part of the must-have products. Before buying any type of clothes, make sure that the fabric used in them is pure cotton, because cotton is the most suitable fabric for the baby’s gentle skin.

Cotton is a natural fabric so, it is non-allergic, it does not rub against the soft skin of babies and provides better aeration, therefore most pediatrics recommends cotton clothing for the newborns.

Now let’s come to what your newborn’s wardrobe should contain:

For the 0-3 months, you would be using the same size of clothes for the newborn, but after that newborn starts to grow and you would need to buy some other clothes for him. But as for the first three months, the clothes given below would be more than enough.

  • Onesies 4-8
  • Shirts 4-8 (Better, if full sleeves)
  • Pants 4-8
  • One Piece pajamas 3-6
  • Rompers or other dress-up outfits 3
  • Socks or booties 7 pairs (shoes won’t be necessary as they will start to walk after a long while)
  • Newborn caps 3
  • Mittens 3 pairs (for no scratching)
  • Receiving blankets 4-5
  • Vest 3-6

If winter:

  • Wearable blankets 2
  • Fleece suit 2
  • Bunting bag 1
  • Heavy stroller blanket 1
  • Newborn winter hats 3
  • Sweaters 1-2 Jackets 2

5. Changing Table and Portable Changing Pads

baby changing pad

Diaper changing tables and changing pads are the stuff that most parents think of as the useless ones. But as for me, they are not useless, they are far much better than washing lots of sheets every day just because your little one has suddenly made a huge destruction.

There is more than only one use of changing tables and pads. You don’t have to fear that your child will roll over the table while you go to bring the diaper. You don’t have to put your hand on the baby when putting talcum powder.

Moreover, it enhances the looks of your nursery. It is better to have 2-3 portable changing pads in case you had to go for a long journey. You won’t like to put that whole big changing table in your car, would you?

6. Cribs, Bassinets, and mattresses

baby crib

No doubt that sleeping with your baby on the same bed for the first four months is the safest decision you would ever make. But this safest decision can also become the most dangerous decision by making just a little mistake.

A lot of cases were reported in which babies die either due to suffocation or due to those heavy arms of mothers lying on them. So, it’s better to place your babies in cribs or bassinets or if you are much conscious, you can have that bedside cribs or bassinets.

As for the mattress, foam mattresses are best for the baby cribs because they are made from organic materials and reduces the risk of allergies and suffocation in babies.

7. Baby Monitor

baby monitor

Your best friend to reduce your stress and anxiety about being away from the baby. Most of the mothers and even fathers are really conscious about the babies that they don’t take risk of leaving him alone.

This is no doubt a positive attitude but, but having a baby shouldn’t stop your everyday routine, so, if you don’t feel comfortable on leaving your baby alone, simply place a baby monitor on his crib or on something higher in the nursery.

You can get all the information about your baby whether if you are in the kitchen, or cleaning the house or in the washroom. Some baby monitors also come with the features to inform you of the pulse rate of baby, room temperature of nursery and breathing sounds of your little one. So, let your worries go with a perfect baby monitor camera.

8. Burp Cloths and Bibs

baby bibs

These are the products that only a mother can know the importance of. You would come to know it soon. When your baby would spoil all his outfits, your shirts, bedsheets and crib sheets with his spit-ups and burps.

Collect as much burb cloths and bibs as possible, you would also need them afterward when your baby will grow bigger and start to eat his meal with his own hands. Oh, the mess he will make, you will thank the day you bought these clothes.

9. Nursing Equipment’s

nursing equipment

You would be needing some important nursing equipment’s desperately if you are going to breastfeed your baby. And if not, you would still need these things to prevent your clothes from the leaking milk.

Here are some nursing equipment that you would be needing while feeding your little one.

Nursing pads: for the first few months of delivery, your breasts are going to leak a lot.

Nursing pillow: it would be easier for you to feed the baby on nursing pillows either you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding.

Breast Pump: it can be of many uses, you can pump the milk in the bottle if you are going away for a while form your baby, or if there is excess of milk.

Feeding bottles and their washing set: because it would be difficult for you to wash them with sponges and their drying rack.

Breast milk storage packs: you’ll be needing them when going on traveling or when leaving your baby with someone for some time.

Final Words

In my above article, I have provided you with all the products that I thought were the most important ones for your arriving baby. I hope that this information would benefit you as it has benefited many others.

So, best of luck and enjoy your precious little gift.

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